‘World of Warriors’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

World of Warriors

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for World of Warriors!

1. Tap on Your Opponent’s to Get a Leg Up During Battle

World of Warriors

• Tapping on the pictures of your opponent’s team before you enter battle allows you to see their stats, skills and special moves. Take note of these details to help strategize which enemy you want to take out first!

2. Take Heed of Who You Put Into the Leader Position

World of Warriors

• Read the fine print! When looking at each of your warriors’ stats, you’ll find a line under their picture describing how they’ll benefit their team if put into the leader position. Choose wisely! The same three teammates can get very different results depending on who is placed into that first slot.

3. Utilize and Beware of Special Moves That Target the Entire Party

World of Warriors Tips

• Watch out! Some special moves can cause damage not only to the fighter on the field, but to the entire team! This can be great when the warrior’s on your side, but beware of the extra damage they can cause when coming from your opponent.

4. Make Good Use of All Special Moves, Offensive or Defensive

World of Warriors Tips

• Don’t count out a warrior whose special move doesn’t inflict damage to enemies. Some warriors have the ability to restore health or provide boosts to their team members, and that can make the difference between winning and losing!

5. Pay Attention to Each Warrior’s Color Coded Elemental Alignment

World of Warriors Cheats

• Pay attention to the colors assigned to each of your warriors, their opponents, and the color wheel at the top of the battle screen. This determines how strong or weak your warriors are against the other elements. Even when a warrior has a great special move, it’s often the elements that will cause the most damage!


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