‘Minecraft: Story Mode’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Minecraft Story Mode

Telltale Games has made adventure games out of plenty of great and successful franchises in the past. The studio has created their own take on The Walking Dead, Borderlands, the Fables comic book series and even Game of Thrones. In a surprising twist, the developer announced this morning that they’re teaming up with Mojang to make an episodic Minecraft series based on the wildy popular, voxel-based exploration game.

Here are five quick and dirty facts about Telltale and Minecraft.

1. Telltale Made the Announcement Via an 8-Bit Game

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Telltale Games and Mojang used a unique method to announce their upcoming collaboration: an 8-bit game on Mojang’s site called Info Quest II. In this short adventure, the player meet a Mojang dev who talks about Minecraft: Story Mode‘s release date, platforms and content. He even hints at Minecraft 2 (which Mojang assures us is nothing more than a joke). Using a small game demonstrating the teamwork between both studios was a genius way to announce Minecraft: Story Mode. Publishers, take note!

2. Minecraft: Story Mode Will Feature an Original Story…

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If there’s one thing Minecraft is lacking, it’s a cohesive story. Who is Steve? Why does he live in a world of squid-like villagers? Where do creepers come from? Who knows if Telltale will answer these questions, but we do know that Minecraft: Story Mode will feature a full narrative. If it’s anything like Telltale Games’ other series, Minecraft: Story Mode will be delightful. We just hope it’s more kid-friendly than Telltale’s take on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

3. …But It Won’t Be Canon

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Yes, Telltale is making a Minecraft story, but it won’t be official. Basically, if you’re not a fan of what Telltale imagines (which isn’t likely), you can write it off as fan fiction. Telltale also won’t explain the Minecraft world in general, so no, we probably won’t find out what creepers are or how blocks magically float. How disappointing.

4. Mojang Is Working With the Community

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IGN reports that Mojang will not only be working with Telltale Games but the loyal Minecraft community as well to make the game as accurate and true to the source material as possible. Incorporating fans into small decision-making is a great way to ensure loyalty, if you ask me. But what exactly will the fans dictate when it comes to the final product? I suppose only time will tell.

5. It’s Expected in 2015

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Minecraft: Story Mode has an expected release date in 2015. It’s coming to all major platforms, including PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iOS and Android, so everyone will be able to experience the game in some fashion.