‘The Witcher Battle Arena’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

The Witcher Battle Arena

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for The Witcher Battle Arena!

1. Get in Some Good Practice and Raise Up EXP/Currency Against the A.I.

The Witcher Battle Arena Cheats

• Once you start up the game, the best way to get familiar with it is by playing matches against the A.I. Complete a few Easy mode matches, then take on a few Medium mode matches then truly challenge yourself and replicate the experience of playing against live players by doing some Hard mode matches. Go about this route to earn some silver coins and EXP so you can put it towards unlocking even more characters.

2. Make Sure A Ranged Attack Character is Always on Your Team

The Witcher Battle Arena

• It’s pretty much a necessity to keep a ranged attack character on your team during every match, whether you pick that character or advise your live player buddies to pick one. Having two close combat-minded characters on your team is good and all, of course. But keeping a character capable of doing damage from a distance will aid them by picking off your enemies as they try to wipe away your allies from their captured pillars. Characters such as Iorveth, Operator and Eithne of Brokilon fill this role perfectly.

3. Master Your Character Proficiency With at Least Three Characters

The Witcher Battle Arena

• When you unlock every character in the game, this is the moment where you should focus on mastering three out of the whole lot. Your 1st couple of matches should be used as an experimentation period as you go through everyone. But you should probably utilize one character the most so you get familiar with their fighting tactics and special moves. Once you do that, find two other characters to get just as good with. Getting good with three characters of your choice will line your pockets and make it easier to purchase their best weapons and and get an extra equipment slot.

4. The Priority Order of What Tiers to Upgrade with Currency Earned During Battle

The Witcher Battle Arena

• The money you nab in the middle of skirmishes can be used to upgrade three different tiers for your chosen fighter: Attack, Defense and Power. When it comes to melee and tank-type characters, you should focus on increasing their Attack and Defense stats. As for your ranged characters, you should make it a priority to strengthening their Defense and Power stats. Unlocking all the tiers on certain powers and powering up the one other stat for your character can also be a nice bonus if you can pull it off.

5. So How Much Does Each Character Cost?

The Witcher Battle Arena Tips

• Unlocking every new character in the game will cost you 750 coins. Once you unlock a new character, you should immediately purchase one extra equipment slot for them. After that’s over with, you should go ahead and cop a new weapon for them as well. Character skins are the last thing you should spend your in-game currency towards.

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