‘Blood Brothers 2’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Blood Brothers 2

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Blood Brothers 2!

1. Make Sure You’re Familiar With Your Commanders’ Color Aligned Strengths and Weaknesses

Blood Brothers 2

• The 1st aspect of this game you need to be familiar with are the elemental strengths and weaknesses associated with your commanders’ color. You should always remember this format when it comes to who’s strong against what and who’s weak against who: Red > Green, Green > Blue and Blue > Red. Red is associated with mounted units, Green is associated with archers and Blue is associated with swordsmen.

2. Always Try and Get the First Strike on Your Enemies

Blood Brothers 2 Tips

• You should always make it a priority to get the first strike in on any enemies you encounter. Doing so will let you get in the initial attack. This happens vice versa, so never let an enemy move up on your commanders first.

3. Take Part in the Arena

• Make sure you pay a visit to the arena when your commanders are string enough to handle your CPU opponents. Every league of the Arena tests you by pitting you against other 5-man teams within five league sub levels. Win, increase your league levels and walk away with extra gold or Blood Sigils. Continue winning and increase your streak multiplier to gain more League Points.

4. The Basics Towards Training and Ascending Your Commanders

Blood Brothers 2 Cheats

• Properly evolving your commanders means entering them through the process of ascending them. You’ll need to obtain duplicate versions of a commander to do so. Train up your commanders using gold, make sure they ascend once you think they’re ready to do so and watch theme evolve. Note – commanders that ascend will have their max level increase, but they will have to go back down to level 1. Plus, their rarity rating will also increase.

5. Tactics are One of the Best Elements to Take Advantage of During Battle

• One of the best battle options you’ll love to use during your playthrough are Tactics. Completing in-game Masteries will give you the power to increase your Tactic points limit. Every time one your commander makes a movement, 10 Tactic points are gained. Using Tactics doesn’t use up a character’s turn. You should save these Tactics for boss fights, in our opinion. Utilizing your damage attributed Tactics are great for tearing down those boss battles.