‘Dictator: Revolt/Outbreak’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Dictator Revolt

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dictator: Revolt & Dictator: Outbreak!

1. Make Sure You Align Yourself With One Group From the Start

Dictator Revolt

• As supreme mobile dictator, it’s your job to interact with three separate groups – the police, oligarchs and people. Each request that comes your way will either get you more favor or some feelings of distrust amongst them. Do your best to keep at least one of those groups happy during your starting portions of your campaign. It really doesn’t matter which of the three groups you build up more stars with. Just make sure that one group you’ve gained more star favor with stays happy.

2. Every Request in the Game Should be Decided with the Future Outcome in Mind

Dictator Outbreak Tips

• You should approach the playthrough of this game with a sense of expecting the outcome of every decision you make. Some of the requests that come your way from the three groups veer into that ridiculous territory, but you should always keep in mind what your decision will do for teh future. Properly balancing your popularity star score with your favorite groups means taking into account what will keep them happy in the future.

3. Get at Least One of Your Chosen Groups to 10 Stars

• Remember how we mentioned that you should align yourself with at last one favorite group near the start of the game? Make sure that favorite alliance of your’s eventually hits the 10 star mark. More stars means more cash, so we say do your best to get that elusive popularity rating with the either the army or the people. We think it’s a bit more difficult to hit that 10 star rating with the oligarchs, though.

4. Desperate? Spend That 99 Cents to Get Extra Cash and Turns

• Once your run out of turns and money, the game will give you the paid option to continue dictating. If you’re truly enjoying your time at the top of the food chain, then we say go on ahead and spend that 99-cents. You’ll gain $500,000, which equates to five extra turns. We say go ahead and choose this option during a really fruitful campaign that abruptly ends at 25 turns or more.

5. You Can Avoid a Revolution By…

Dictator Revolt Tips

• Making sure any of the factions below three stars for two proceeding turns. If your star rating with any of the factions you may not have made a favorite dip too low, expect a revolution to come your way.