‘Mutation Mash’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Mutation Mash

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Mutation Mash!

1. Take Your Time When Approaching Rock Puzzles

Mutation Mash

• Rock puzzle levels (10, 15, 20 and so on) don’t have a time limit. Take your time and think carefully about each action you take. You can’t collect more mutants by replaying Rock Puzzle levels. You already know the solution, that wouldn’t be fair!

2. Always Keep a Good Amount of Goo in Tow

Mutation Mash Tips

• Visit the farm often to re-activate and upgrade your machines to earn more goo. If you run out of goo, replay previous levels to collect more coins and mutants.

3. Upgrade Your Machines As Much as Possible

Mutation Mash Cheats

• In the farm, upgrade the machines as often as you can. It’s best to upgrade to the machine that currently holds the greatest number of mutants.

4. Stay Calm at All Times, Especially When You Run Into Blocked Lanes

Mutation Mash Tips

• Don’t panic if the mutants almost block a lane and you think you’re about to lose — you can get out of most sticky situations with some quick thinking and fast reflexes.

5. Pay Attention to Any Lanes Filling Up and Use This Trick to Catch Any More Incoming Mutants

Mutation Mash Tips

• If one lane is filling up and you’re about to lose, put your finger on the lane’s exit point and you’ll automatically catch any animal that comes out.

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