‘Transformers: Battle Tactics’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Transformers Battle Tactics

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Transformers: Battle Tactics!

1. Upgrade at Least Two of Your More Preferred Transformers During the Early Portion of the Game

Transformers Battle Tactics

• The Cybercoins you get are put towards upgrading any of your bots’ Transformers and vehicle forms. Don’t go crazy trying to upgrade all four members of your favorite party. Be smart and find at least two Transformers that have done great for you in battle during your early beginnings with the game. Upgrade those two bots more than anyone else to give you a better chance against better party tiers and build up stronger Transformers later on to aid your two favored bots.

2. Recruit All of the Robots!

Transformers Battle Tactics

• Participating in battle and winning them will increase your recruit level from time to time. New recruit levels means you’ll get more chances to amass even more party members. As soon as you get the opportunity to gain a new ally, do so. Wait out the time limit and don’t worry about spending your hard-earned currency to speed up their development time. Getting every Transformers from every recruitment tier will give you more room to work with when you build up your three teams.

3. Build up the Perfect Team

Transformers Battle Tactics  Tips

• Once you unlock every Transformer there is, take some time to put together three perfect teams. We say build up a team of your strongest 4-man Autobots and 4-man Decepticons, plus one team that features a nice mix of both Transformer types. A team full of bots with the blue lightning icon or the yellow splash icon is a safer bet to go into battle with, too.

4. Better Your Chances of Getting a 1st Strike During Battle

Transformers Battle Tactics  Cheats

• You’ll notice that the biggest difference between winning and losing is that crucial 1st Strike. The team that gains more 1st Strike’s is more likely to win every time. Your best bet is to include at least two Transformers in any of your three parties that have the blue lightning symbol by their name. Party members with that special icon can provide your team with a better chance of getting those 1st Strikes and winning by the skin of your teeth against tougher enemy squads.

5. Focus on Using Your Ability Points to Build Up Attacks

Transformers Battle Tactics

• You’ll gain a few abilities over time that either help your Transformers aim at a specific enemy, re-spin for a better chance of attacking and more. In our opinion, you’e much better off going into battle with a suite full of offensive-minded special abilities. Using up your ability points to eventually use the Photon Strike, Air Strike and Orbital Strike against your enemies is something you’ll want to do to increase your chances of winning.

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