‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Marvel Mighty Heroes.

1. Know Your Character Class Types!

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes splits up its roster of heroes into four different classes – Scrappers, Blasters, Bruisers and Generalists. Scrappers (Red Fist icon) have high offense, but low defense. Blasters (Purple Crosshair icon) are ranged fighters that do the most damage from a distance. Bruisers (Green Shield icon) are the type of offensive fighters who can handle a huge crowd due to their high health and defense. Generalists are balanced characters who aren’t super strong, but they aren’t that weak either. Scrappers beat Blasters, Blasters beat Bruisers, Bruisers beat Scrappers and Generalists are pretty good against any class.

2. Always Keep an Eye Out for Wide Area Attacks

Marvel Mighty Heroes

• Keep your eyes on the battlefield and the radius of enemy attacks coming your way. Swiping in the opposite direction of the wide attack coming your way allows you to dodge it. You should make good use of your evasive maneuvers and avoid getting damaged too badly. You can dodge as much as you want, so make sure you use it often.

3. Each Character Has Different Costumes and Variations

Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips

• Over time you’ll unlock different versions of each Marvel hero. Not only do these unlocked characters come with alternate costumes, but they also arrive with differing special abilities. For example, Black Bolt comes in three variations – Modern, Earth X and War of Kings. Modern Black Bolt can use the Primal Whisper, Earth X Black Bolt can use his Sonic Whisper and War of Kings Black Bolt has access to the Pressure Wave. As your acquire new characters, get to know their best special abilities and edit your team accordingly.

4. Push Your Characters Towards Enemy Spawn Points for a Quick Advantage

Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips

• You’ll come to notice that each battle area has a spawn point that your enemies come from. To get a good advantage on your foes and wipe them out a little quicker, it’s best if you take note of those spawn points. Moving your character over to them before your enemy tally count gets to high is a very viable strategy. Going in with a Bruiser to wipe out the enemies that spill out of a spawn point keeps your team from getting flanked. Plus, you’ll amass more EXP, points and get that top leader score much faster and easier.

5. Match Up the Appropriate Hero Class for an Event

Marvel Mighty Heroes

• Whenever you hop into an event, make sure you pay attention to the group of heroes that event displays. Choosing the type of hero that’s prepared for the event you’re about to play will give you a boost in battle. Give yourself an early advantage every time before you head into those Events. Adopting the proper super hero suit/variations of the characters each event requires is the way to go.


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