WATCH: ‘Witcher 3’ Map is Massive

The Witcher 3's map is huge, as you can see by these new screenshots released today by CD Projekt Red.

We’ve already known for a month or so that CD Projekt Red’s upcoming open-world game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to take us over 200 hours to complete. Now, the developer has shown just how big The Witcher 3 is by showing us some images of the game’s map.

And, it’s huge!

The map is actually broken up into two maps: a smaller Prologue Map and a larger Northern Realm. There’s also an archipelago destination that can only be visited via a boat, and it is one of the few instances in The Witcher 3 that requires a loading screen.

You can see a video of the map in game over at Gamespot.

The Witcher 3 release date is set for May 19 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We’re told that the digital copies of the game will unlock at 1AM UTC that day, which is actually early evening on May 18 if you’re in the United States. My body is ready. Stay tuned to Heavy’s Gaming section for our The Witcher 3 review and more coverage surrounding the upcoming RPG that everyone is so excited about.

Pre-order ‘The Witcher 3’ here.


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