‘Rush of Heroes’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Rush of Heroes.

Rush of Heroes

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1. Level Up Your Heroes!

Rush of Heroes

• Hero level and player level are different. As your player level increases, pay attention to your Heroes’ levels as well. To level up your Hero, you can bring them along with you in battles. You can also use items such as EXP Potions and Cheese to level up your Heroes quickly. Check your Bag – Useable section periodically to see when you have received these items.

2. Level Up to Unlock New Features

Rush of Heroes

• You can level up through playing Instances, Daily Quests, and consuming Stamina. By leveling up, you are granted access to exciting features such as Arena, Guilds, Shop, Outlands, Professions, and more. Remember to use your Clear Tickets for fast and instant clears. The higher your VIP level the more clear tickets you get. Remember to play Elite Instances to collect rare Hero Shards.

Rush of Heroes Tips

Rush of Heroes Tips

3. Join a Guild for Additional Benefits

Rush of Heroes Cheats

• You can join a guild at level 10. Being in a Guild gives you access to the Guild Shop, Guild Workshop, and Guild Instances. Guild Shop lets you purchase rare Heroes with Contribution Points. Contribution Points are obtained through Gold donations and Stamina consumption. Guild Workshop gives everyone in the Guild extra stats (buffs). Guild Instances allow you to play to get unique items. Another benefit of being in a Guild is being able to participate in daily Guild.

4. The Basics Behind The Shop

Rush of Heroes Cheats

• The Shop is a place where you can sell your unwanted and unused items for Gold. You can also unlock different tiers of the Shop as your VIP level increases. The items you can buy range from Hero Shards, materials for upgrades, and EXP Potions. The higher level the Shop, the better the items. If you don’t like the items that you see in the Shop, you can refresh it at anytime.

5. Finish All Daily Quests

Rush of Heroes Guide

• Finish all Daily Quests to level up your player level. You will also receive additional items such as Gold, Runes, Stamina, Clear Tickets, EXP Potions, and more. All Daily Quests reset at 4 a.m. PST/7 a.m EST, so make sure to complete as many as you can.




I actually found a WORKING cheat that actually gave me unlimited everything.

You just have to go to this website and follow the instructions to cheat the game:


Ted E.

I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on Rush of Heroes to make game-time just a little bit easier, because it can get so frustrating at times. Just thought I’d share a favourite of mine: castlecheats.com/rushofheroes.

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