‘Adventure Time Puzzle Quest’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest.

1. Keep Your Characters Well Fed

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

• Feed me!!! Make sure you visit the “Prepare” screen and feed your characters the right food to level them up and take on harder quests!

2. Each Food Has Different Properties

• Did you know each food type has a different power? Everything foods restore your characters, Perfect foods rank up their abilities making them stronger and Demon Heart foods increase their level by adding health and attack power.

3. Recruit as Many New Characters As Possible

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

• Try recruiting new characters from the Wish screen to build a party that compliments your play style. Gather up a good amount of Magic Dust or Hero Coins to do so. Finn, Jake the Dog, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, The Flame Princess, The Ice King and several other notable characters are available for play.

4. The Basics Behind Wizards and Fighters

• Wizards and Fighters can lay on the damage…make sure you have at least one in your party to make quick work of tough enemies.

5. Special Abilities Will Pull You Out of Trouble Every Time

• Use your special ability as soon as your special meter is full. This basically gives you 2 moves per your character turn. During the battle, you can easily fill up your special meter many times. Every character in the game comes with their own powerful ability. Finn’s offensive ability, when charged by being matched up with blue symbols, can clear out one random column on the board.

6. Create a Varied Team

• When creating your team, make sure each of your characters have different special colors abilities. This way you can cover more color matches during the battle.

7. A Pro-Tip For Players Looking to Dish Out High Damage

• In this game, the key to doing high damage to your enemies is to look for cascading combos during the battle.

8. Return to Earlier Levels to Gain More Bonuses

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Cheats

• You can replay areas that you have cleared to find all the chest and get extra experience. Make sure you participate in the game’s dose of special events and tournaments in order to be granted even more great rewards, like new characters and support cards.

9. Hold Back on Using Your Big Combos Until You Spot a Huge Opportunity to Unleash Them

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

• Save your big match combos for characters with high attack power, such as Wizards or Fighters, to maximize damage.

10. Take Out Certain Enemies First Before Your Proceed

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Tips

• Target enemies that heal or stun or first. During battle you can tap the question mark and then an enemy portrait to see their info.