‘Korrigans: Kingdom Wars: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Korrigans: Kingdom Wars.

1. Know Your Resources to Expand Your Village

Korrigans Kingdom Wars Cheats

• “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.”

Expanding your village and getting solid production resources is the key to a good start in Korrigans. Keep in mind that each action in the game will cost you different resources whether it is for upgrading your buildings, forming an army, researching technologies or increasing the damage of your heroes’ abilities. On the flip side, removing trees and rocks from your village is an easy way to earn resources. Get familiar with each resource and upgrade and prioritize your Sawmills, Quarries and Farms. You will also be rewarded for completing Quests, Battles and so on.

2. Build Your Army, The Backbone of Your Force

Korrigans Kingdom Wars Tips

• War is the core of Korrigans. As you progress through the game, your goal will be to defend your village while attacking others to earn power and steal their precious resources. Try building houses as soon as you can to have enough population to build a strong army. Want to play the game defensive or aggressive? The choice is yours. Try to make the best combination! Of course sending only wagons and soldiers won’t make you a lord of war, but can bring you good loot in some cases. Sending troops to attack means it will open your Portal, so if you got attacked or just lost a resource base, it means your enemy has opened his portal. Attack him right now before he closes it again!

3. Pillage!

Korrigans Kingdom Wars Tips

• “Always remember to pillage before you burn.”

Pillaging other villages is the best and quickest way to earn resources, relics and power! You are limited to 10 pillages per day, which means only your first 10 attacks will bring you loot so be sure to attack the right targets! To pillage a village you need to go to the world map, select your target and hit Attack, from here you will be able to choose your troops. Sending a lot of Wagons and Armored Bears with offensive troops, is your best bet if you want to come back with your pockets full of gold!

4. A Co-Op Battle is Never Lost…Until Its Over

Korrigans Kingdom Wars Cheats

• Fighting in online turn-based battles is one of the most exciting features of Korrigans. You can play with two other players in real-time battles against terrific bosses to earn rare relics and, most importantly, gold. As the battle progress, your total number of action points increase, a good strategy would be keep your hero away from the Boss during the first few rounds. You will get more action points and perform stronger attacks once he gets closer to you.

5. Get to Know The Healer

Korrigans Kingdom Wars Tips

• “Wounds turn into scars and scars make you tougher.”

There is little chance you will escape from an arena unscathed. If your hero is injured, pay a visit to the healer to heal its injuries. The higher the level of your Healer’s Refuge, the faster the healing!




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Taylor M.

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