‘Meek Mill Presents Bike Life’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Meek Mill Presents Bike Life.

1. Get Familiar With Each Power Up!

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life

• As you make your way down that endless road on your tricked out bike, you’ll spot three main power up’s that give you various boosts. Copping the Golden Bike power up gives you the best reward – increased speed, invincibility and a bonus coin magnet. As for the Golden Headphones, picking this power up makes cars come to a dead halt. Be sure to still keep your distance from the lane those cars have been stalled on. And finally, the Golden Shoes provides you with a slight boost to your overall speed.

2. Keep Moving and Show Off When The Time is Right

• Since this game falls within the game mechanics of your usual endless runner, you have to push further along as much as you can while changing lanes and avoiding obstacles. Don’t forget to use your double jump to avoid close calls. Pulling off wheelies while on top of your ride can be done by simply swiping down on your mobile device’s screen. You’ll gain 100 coins by letting the wheelie meter run out completely. This can be done by rapidly swiping down to maintain your current wheelie. You can also pull off side wheelies by double swiping left/right in either direction or swiping left/right when you’re at the edge of the screen.

3. Take Note of the Challenges Given to You During Stage Runs

• Every time you hop onto a new stage run, there’s going to be three active challenges thrown your way. Completing these challenges will award you with a score multiplier that makes a huge difference in your final score at the end of a run. Fulfilling these challenges are pretty easy, since they focus on objectives such as collecting a certain number of coins.

4. Keep An Eye Out for Collectible Diamonds

• Diamonds are pretty hard to come by, but do your best to pick ’em up when they pop up during a stage run. These items act as additional lives instead of premium currency. So you never have to worry about deciding whether to use your diamonds on purchasing new characters or bikes. Coins are the only currency in the game. Diamonds provide you with more chances to keep your current stage run going.

5. There’s a Way to Get Free Coins, You Know?

WriterParty.com wants players to know that there’s actually a way to produce more coins free of charge:

You can complete free offers for coins if you want an easy way to get more of them and you just cannot beat the challenges. If you hit the “go there” button that pops up when you go to the free coin page, more offers will appear that typically involve downloading and running apps in order to get free coins.

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