‘Zombie Company Crusade’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Zombie Company Crusade.

1. Reduce Troops Death During Attacks by Fanning Troops Out When Deploying Them!

Zombie Company Crusade

• By initially fanning troops out on deployment when attacking a base you will gain a stronger advantage. This is because defense systems such as the grenade launcher will cause massive amounts of splash damage on first contact. Fan your troops out to evade the splash damage caused by your enemy’s defenses!

2. Play Campaign Mode While Waiting On Your Troops To Train

Zombie Company Crusade

• Gain more resources while waiting for your troops to train up in the your boot camp! In the campaign levels troops are given to you. This allows for you to get more in game play time as well as grab some extra resources without having to expend your own hard earned troops!

3. Does Your Opponents Base Have Strong Anti-Air Defenses? DON’T Use your Platoon Drop Feature!

Zombie Company Crusade

• When using the platoon drop feature, your entire platoon can be brought onto your enemy’s base all at once causing major chaos and damage to their base. If your opponent has strong anti-air defenses it would be wise NOT to use your platoon drop! If your platoon aircraft is shot down you will lose that entire platoon and be at an increased disadvantage.

4. Everyone Likes FREE resources! Make Sure To Collect Your Zombie Reward Drops Before They Expire

Zombie Company Crusade

• Your base is susceptible to being randomly attacked by zombie hordes. If you successfully defend against a random zombie attack you will get a zombie reward drop. These drops contain gold and, more importantly, precious rubies! Make sure to collect these rewards promptly; each reward expires 24 hours after being dropped!

5. Learn The Maximum Ranges of Your Defense Buildings!

Zombie Company Crusade

• Not only will learning the maximum ranges of your defense buildings help you effectively place your defenses, but it will also help you gage your enemy’s defenses before you go into battle. By knowing the ranges of your enemy’s defenses you can strategically use certain troops to attack that defense. For instance, it would be wise to use your Sniper troop to attack your enemy’s Nest defense.