‘Tales of Zestiria’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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For 2015, Bandai Namco is ready to bring a new entry into its anime-flavored JRPG series. Japanese fans have already had the pleasure of enjoying Tales of Zestiria and now American and European gamers will finally get to do the same. This time around, the overall setting takes each new party member to a medieval world where nations are at war, evil monsters roam the land and a magical race forge a special bond with specific humans. The anime stylings the Tales of... franchise has always stood by returns for this PS3/PS4 entry. Check out these beautiful screenshots to get a taste of this JRPG's full cutscenes, character skits, battle sequences and concept art. For even more info on this soon-to-be-released JRPG, pay a visit to our comprehensive facts page. Buy Tales of Zestiria here.