Top 5 Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals & Sales

xbox one black friday deals 2015

Black Friday 2015 is almost here, and that, of course, means big savings for us gamers. So before you go stuffing your faces with that glorious turkey leg, you’ll probably want to plan out your shopping day. There are quite a number of Black Friday video game deals available, and both PS4 and Xbox One gamers are going to have a great holiday season. Seriously, there are some great deals out there if you’re looking for some of the year’s best games, or if you’re looking to finally pick up the next generation console.

Each major retail outlet, including Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Kohl’s especially, are finding their own ways to bring gamers into their stores (or online) this year. And, we’ve included the Xbox One in just about every gift list this season. So without further ado, here are the top 5 best Xbox One Black Friday deals & sales of 2015:

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1. The Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight, Mad Max $25

ps4 black friday deals

Xbox One gamers have seen a number of great games in 2015, and Black Friday at Wal-mart will be the best time to buy some of 2015’s best games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (a serious contender for the coveted Game of the Year), Batman: Arkham Knight (Batman’s best game yet, as long as you aren’t a PC gamer), and Mad Max are all going to be on sale for $25 each. There are plenty of other games that will fall into the $25 category, such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Splatoon (Wii U), Mortal Kombat X (a sleeper hit of 2015), and Grand Theft Auto V. Games are only available while supplies last, so you might have to actually head to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving if you want to get these great games, unfortunately. You can also pick up Need for Speed right now for $39.99 on Amazon.

When: 6PM Thursday


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2. Best Buy’s 49-inch Toshiba 1080p LED HDTV for $149

best ps4 black friday deals

If you’re an Xbox One gamer looking for a TV upgrade to make your games look even better, check out Best Buy’s ridiculously great TV Black Friday deal, a 49-inch Toshiba 1080p LED HDTV for just $149. The TV usually retails for $479, so this mega price drop absolutely crushes the competition. Halo 5: Guardians will look absolutely fantastic on a high-def 49-inch screen.

When: Doors open at 5PM Thursday night, Reopens at 8am Friday

3. Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0 Edition $39.99 (Plus Kohl’s Cash)

kohl's black friday 2015

If you’ve yet to get into Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0, your best bet is to head to Kohl’s this Black Friday to pick it up for $39.99 (it’s regularly $64.99). They have other deals that are worth the trip, including $10 off an official Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller, as well as 30% off select games like Destiny and Just Dance 2015. Don’t forget, you also earn $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent on Black Friday. Conversely, it’s available at Wal-Mart for $37 (although, you don’t get the Kohl’s cash with it).

When: Doors open Thursday at 6:00PM

4. Guitar Hero Live Bundle Xbox One $69.99

xbox one black friday deals

Amazon and Wal-mart are both offering Guitar Hero Live for $69.99, although Amazon’s is live RIGHT NOW. The newest game in the franchise takes the realism to an entirely new level, and for a limited time, it’s now $30 less than the MSRP. Rock on.

When: Now

5. Xbox One Gears of War Bundle $299

xbox black friday deals

The best Xbox One Black Friday deal is the Xbox One Gears of War Bundle for $299 that will be offered by the Microsoft Store, which is also offering $50 off any of their other bundles. This is the best Xbox One deal of the season, excluding Wal-mart’s Xbox One Cyber Monday deal which will see the exclusive white console with a bonus controller go for $299.96.

When: Thursday 12AM EST

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I sold my Xbox One and got a Wii U instead. Microsoft and Sony have already stated that their target demographic for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 is single, adult, male gamers over the age of 21 — and it shows. If this demographic sounds like you, then by all means get an Xbox One or PS4. If not, then by all means get a Wii U FIRST.

Here is why I chose the Wii U recently over the Xbox One or the PS4:

1. First Party Exclusives: Nintendo Wii U has the best first party exclusive titles. Indeed, most all games for the Xbox and the PS4 are ports of PC games. In contrast, the Wii U has some AMAZING titles with MANY more amazing titles planned for 2016. The above article mentions Star Fox in 2016, but forgets Xenoblade, Fast Racing Neo, SMTxFire Emblem Crossover, Pokken Tournament, Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, The New Legend of Zelda Wii U, and the rumored Metroid Wii U all planned for 2016. Indeed, the author mentions the NX, but even this name is just a codename for something we know nothing about. There is very little chance the NX (whatever it really is) will be released prior to holiday 2017. In the meantime, that means at least two more years of solid development for the Wii U. In the end, neither Sony nor Playstation can compete with the Wii U in quality first party titles.

2. Local Cooperative Play: Most all games for the PS4 and the Xbox One are ports of PC games. As a result, they are mostly solo play or online play only. There are almost no quality games on the Xbox One or PS4 that support 2–4 local multiplayer. In contrast, the Wii U has a literal plethora of quality games that support both local and online cooperative play. If you like playing with family and friends on the same couch in the same room, then PS4 and Xbox One are NOT the consoles for you. Get a Wii U.

3. Family Friendly Gaming: Most titles for the Xbox One and Wii U are m-rated for mature. There are very few quality t-rated titles, and even fewer quality E-rated titles. Even the online chat on the PS4 and the Xbox are much more “adult” and are inappropriate for young gamers. Indeed, Xbox and PS4 have given ZERO thought as how to protect young gamers from inappropriate online chat — including online predators. Many of the m-rated titles for Xbox One and PS4 have graphic full frontal nudity in their games. Many others have violence and gore that is borderline demented. In many other games, including many of the most popular games for these systems, players can enter into sexual relationships and engage in graphic sex acts with NPCs of both genders that the players control. Given the high level of graphics for these systems, this looks REAL. Again, many of these games (which are clearly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 21) are sold as BUNDLES for the Xbox and PS4 systems. In contrast, the Wii U has (again) a plethora of QUALITY games that are rated E for everyone or T for teen. There is literally no limit to family-friendly gaming on the Wii U.

4. FREE online multiplayer: Microsoft and Sony charge monthly subscription fees for online play. These can get expensive and are a “hidden cost” of the system. In contrast, Nintendo online services are FREE. While some complain that online chat is limited on the Nintendo system. I hold there is a clear reason for that — to protect teens and children from inappropriate conversations and communications. There is a reason why well over 90% of porn sites that are visited through gaming consoles are done through the Xbox One and PS4. Indeed, Nintendo has just done a much better job of protecting children in general from inappropriate online content and conversation. Xbox One and PS4 have done almost nothing to protect children in this category.

5.The Virtual Console: Nintendo Wii U owners have access play games on the virtual console. This allows you to play quality games from past Nintendo consoles, including old NES and SNES games. Want to play any old Castlevania game or Super Metroid? You can on the Wii U.

6. Better Controllers and Offline TV Play: The gamepad is entirely underrated. It is by far the best controller of this generation for any console. Super comfortable and light, the gamepad opens up a whole new world of gaming experiences with the touch screen and built in motion control. Also, gamepad doubles as a in-house handheld gaming console and allows for off TV play. Dad can watch the football game on the big screen and the kids can still play in the other room. The Wii U pro contoller also has the most battery life of any game controller, up to 80 hours. The directional pad is more accurate than the PS4 and Xbox1 controllers, making the Wii U necessary for retro gaming.

In conclusion, the Xbox One and the PS4 were made for single, adult, male gamers who like to play PC games by themselves or online only. The Wii U is for EVERYONE else. Unless you are a single, adult, male gamer, there is no reason to NOT get a Wii U first.

Hope this helps.


Sorry, the wii u controller blows. The xbox one controller is the most comfortable controller by far. It fits perfectly in the hands and has easy access to all the buttons. Wii u does have better games for kids but nothing for adults. Adult women also are beginning to enjoy the games that are for xbox one and ps4. The Wii u has pitiful graphics and no storage. There is really not much of a difference in it and the Wii which is why nintendo is already planning a new system for next year. Online play, games with gold or playstation plus, great graphics and games and yes there are still plenty of games that use local multiplayer, this is why you buy the xbox one or ps4 over anything nintendo has to offer. If you want to waste your money on a Wii u when nintendo will scrap it soon then by all means but the worthless system.

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