‘LEGO Marvel’s Avengers’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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The wide world of LEGO has let gamers run around as superheroes, wizards, archaeologists and other fantastical professions. Fans of the Marvel Comics universe and its presence on the big screen will be pleased to step into the hero role once again. LEGO Marvel's Avengers will adapt the best moments from Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Recognizable locales will be open to players who want to either cause some havoc or take on a growing list of heroic side missions. You'll have the choice to select from a roster that reaches into the hundreds, which means the co-op possibilities are nearly endless. This screenshots gallery showcases just a small fraction of the many Marvel heroes and villains that will be at a part of your next comic book adventures. There's so much more to learn about this LEGO game, so here's our comprehensive preview guide. Buy LEGO Marvel's Avengers here.