‘Panzer Waltz’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Panzer Waltz.

1. Save Quest Completion for When You Need the Rewards

Panzer Waltz

• Quests reward you many things, among them are G-Milk and Silver, which have hard-caps (that increase with upgrades). You don’t want to finish too many quests and waste the rewards because you’ve hit the hard-cap. Don’t turn in your completed quests until you need those resources!

2. Make Sure to Run Through the Specials and Event Maps Daily

Panzer Waltz

• The [Specials] maps drop rare and useful items know as “Blueprints” and more which are required for developing equipment and tanks! The [Event] maps rotate everyday and drop great resources and also gives you a lot of EXP! These maps can only be run once per day so make sure to get your daily runs in!

3. Fight Back Against Infantry With Machine Guns

Panzer Waltz

• Having trouble against those pesky mini-infantry? Equip Machine Guns (HMG or LMG both work) and the next time those infantries are close enough to attack you, you’ll be able to fight back!

4. Fully Utilize All Your Squads (You Can Have Up to 7!)

Panzer Waltz

• You’ll want to maximize your farm as well as unlock future tanks. Once you start steadily getting new tanks, setup some new low-level squads and run them through the low-level maps! This way you’ll be able to level up tanks which you’ll end up needing in future developments while also farming for items and resources!

5. Dress Up and Soak Up Damage With Tanky Heavy-Tanks

Panzer Waltz

• Heavy tanks naturally have impressive durability (HP) and armor while being slow and loud! Consider outfitting a tank purely to tank damage with loads of armor and don’t increase their stealth stats. This way your glass-cannon tanks are less likely to be targeted!

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