‘Resident Evil 0 (HD Remaster)’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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The Arklay Mountains region should sound familiar to Resident Evil fans. This location marks the start of Raccoon City's S.T.A.R.S. Team's decent into madness. Before Jill and Chris headed into the Spencer Mansion, Rebecca and Billy dealt with their own bio-weapon problems elsewhere. Their adventure begins on a train cart, but they soon venture deeper into the secret chambers of Umbrella Corporation. Capcom is giving Resident Evil 0 the HD Remaster it deserves on January 19, 2016. Before you face off with murderous zombies and the dreaded "Leech Man," check out these screenshots of the game's improved visuals. And make sure you pay a visit to our facts guide for tons more information regarding RE0's HD Remaster. Buy the Resident Evil Origins Collection here.