‘Smurfs Epic Run’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Smurfs Epic Run.

1. Earn Those Stars!

Smurfs Epic Run

• Complete each stage objective to earn enough stars to unlock magic portals on the map linked to hidden bonus zones!

2. Take on Your Friends

Smurfs Epic Run

• Compete with your friends and the rest of the World in the Tournament to earn awesome rewards!

3. Save Your Fellow Smurfs

Smurfs Epic Run

• Save as many Smurfs as possible to increase the number of sarsaparilla collected each hour on the Smurfs’ Farm!

4. Take on Papa Smurf’s Challenges

Smurfs Epic Run

• Complete Papa Smurf’s challenges to earn extra rewards!

5. Pick Up Those Random Items

Smurfs Epic Run

• Collection items appear randomly during a run. Gather them to complete your collection book, unlock new Smurfs and earn great rewards!



Ted E.

I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on Smurfs Epic Run to make game-time just a little bit easier, because it can get so frustrating at times. Just thought I’d share a favourite of mine: castlecheats.com/smurfsepicrun.


I found a working cheat for this game here: cheatgeeks.com/smurfsepicrun

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