‘Chaos Battle Hero’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Chaos Battle Hero.

1. Read Up on Each Hero

Chaos Battle Hero

• You can research the various histories behind each hero within the “World Map!” Check out the ongoing story by playing through each stage on the World Map.

2. Evolve Your Heroes!

Chaos Battle Hero

• You can create a powerful hero with the hero pieces gained from the World Map. Also, you can evolve any hero with Hero Pieces. Evolved heroes will make your battles play out much smoother and easier.

3. Craft Powerful Equipment!

Chaos Battle Hero

• To fight on an even level with with powerful enemies, upgrading your gear is a must. You can upgrade your equipment up to +5. If you use the same class of equipment, you can reach a maximum of +7.

4. Travel Up to Higher Floors

Chaos Battle Hero

• The Hell Gate is an instant dungeon that’s open on a daily basis! You’ll receive rewards every time you clear the Hell Gate underground dungeon. But take note – all Hell Gate dungeons have entrance requirements, such as a specific hero type.

5. Challenge the Coliseum Ranking!

Chaos Battle Hero

• The Coliseum is real time aspect of game content that allows players to use Golems to fight with other users. You can gain Golem Stones depending on the damage rate you’ve given to the golem and gain rewards according to the user kill count.