‘EA Sports UFC 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Back in 2014, EA Sports managed to release their 1st UFC sponsored MMA fighter. The visuals were stronger than the UFC’s previous game entries and the gameplay itself made fans out of MMA fans and non-fans alike.

But like most sports games, EA Sports and EA Canada returned to the drawing board to look at what worked and what could be improved with their 1st UFC game. On March 15, 2016, EA Sports UFC 2 will return players to the octagon with improved mechanics and a bevy of new modes to get acquainted with. The grappling and submission game has been vastly improved, the roster comes in at an astounding total number, the game has its own version of EA Sports’ Ultimate Team mode etc.

Check in with us and EA Sports UFC 2 to get every tidbit of info there is to know about this upcoming MMA fighter.

1. The Knockout System Has Been Upgraded and the Dynamic Grappling Has Seen Some Improvements

For this year’s edition of digital UFC fisticuffs, the developers have opted to add some much needed alterations to the knockout mechanics. UFC 2’s knockouts will look even closer to how they look during real fights thanks to the new physics-based hit reaction system. Not only can you put down your opponent with powerful punches, you can also tear them down with Leg Kick TKO’s.

When it comes to the ground game, the implementation of dynamic grappling will play a huge part. Everything from clinch attempts right on down to grappling strike counters look even more dynamic and easier to activate. Check out this official blog post on the entire grappling system to see which button combinations you’ll need to get acquainted for the grappling system.

2. The Roster Features More Than 250 Fighters

Two of the UFC’s most popular fighters (Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor) represent their organization proudly for the game’s cover art. Those standout MMA professionals will of course be featured in the game. UFC 2’s roster features an amazing array of fighters, which will allow you to play with current UFC roster members and even fantasy fighters. UFC’s biggest superstars/champions will be featured prominently, such as Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, Luke Rockhold, Robbie Lawler and even Bruce Lee. If you’d like to comb through the game’s massive roster, check out the following link.

3. Career Mode Returns With One Big Addition

Many fans requested the option to take on the role of a female fighter for the 1st EA UFC game’s Career Mode. EA Canada has taken note of this request, which is why you now have the option to become the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter and a Hall of Famer as either a male or female. Career Mode also gives you the chance to actively improve your abilities with the Training Camp system. Creating your custom fighter will be an even more fun endeavor thanks to the deeper face sculpting features and newly customized tattoos.

4. A Ton of New Modes Will Be a Part of UFC 2’s Gameplay Suite

The full offering of game modes that will be a part of UFC 2 easily makes it the most premiere MMA game on the market today. There’s a certain fanbase out there who don’t really care for the finer aspects of MMA’s ground-based mechanics. The game features a mode just for them called KO Mode, where the fists will fly and the only way to win is by putting your opponent on the mat with a knockout. The Custom Event Creator mode lets players play the role of matchmaker and develop their own fight card.

The Title Chase mode lets players hop online and fight to earn a title shot in their respective weight class. When you finally manage to capture the championship belt, you’ll need to maintain your spot atop the UFC mountain by fending off all challengers. The Live Events mode allows you play out the real-life match cards of upcoming UFC events. To learn the basics behind the game, UFC 2 gives players the option to hop into Practice Mode and also train themselves in all areas of MMA with 12 Skill Challenges.

UFC 2’s newest mode is also its biggest addition – UFC Ultimate Team. This mode focuses on a team-based format – players will be tasked with producing a team of five custom fighters. Each of your fighters’ statistics can be upgraded with Fight Packs and other items. These items can be purchased through the game with any acquired coins earned from your victories. Upgrade, Boost, Universal and Weight Class items can be applied to your fighters as you progress through the game’s online/offline ranking system. Progressing through this UFC Ultimate Team mode can be done in two different ways – Ultimate Championships and Singe Player Championships. For a more complete breakdown of UFC Ultimate Team mode, hit up the following link.

5. There’s a Standard and Deluxe Edition of the Game Up for Grabs

EA Sports’ line of various titles have always been known to arrive with a Standard and Deluxe edition. That’s the case with the soon-to-be-released EA Sports UFC 2. The game’s Standard Edition comes with three extra fighters with pre-orders: “Iron” Mike Tyson, UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten and “The Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba.

The Deluxe Edition comes with those bonus roster members and more, such as “Legacy” Mike Tyson (which comes with his badass facial tattoo) and $60 worth of UFC Ultimate Team Premium Packs. These Premium Packs will be delivered to its recipients over a 15-week period. UFC Ultimate Team points can be purchased separately as well.

Buy EA Sports UFC 2 here.

Buy the Deluxe Edition of EA Sports UFC 2 here.

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Kevin Whatley

Game play for clinch and ground game was much much better in previous versions… Wish I wouldn’t have preordered or even bought it now. If it’s not broke don’t fix it . Very frustrating…

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