‘Hitman’ (2016): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hitman 2016

Agent 47 is a remarkable figure in the world of video games. Fans of the Hitman franchise have stepped into his immaculate suit, donned different disguises and eliminated his chosen targets in various ways.

For 2016, the game’s longtime development team (IO Interactive) are set to try a different approach with the wide world of Hitman. Players who expected to get the full experience on disc at launch will have to be content with the game’s new episodic format. Once Hitman finally hits the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 11, it will grant access to the game’s initial slate of missions. And over time, Agent 47 will travel to new countries and take on new contracts that put his assassination skills to the test.

To grasp the full scope of this new Hitman adventure, check out all the important details you need to know down below.

1. This 2016 Hitman Installment Serves as Both a Prequel and a Sequel

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Plot wise, the Prologue mission serves as a prequel to the entire Hitman series. 20 years later, Agent 47 finally makes his arrival in Paris for the Sanguine Fashion Show. This significant moment marks the sequel portion of the game, which places its events right after the conclusion of Hitman: Absolution. The Hitman franchise got its start in 2000 and has been steadily gaining an even bigger fanbase ever since.

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The list seen below showcases the many titles that came before this 2016 entry:

Hitman: Codename 47
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman: Contracts
Hitman: Blood Money
Hitman: Sniper Challenge
Hitman: Absolution
Hitman Go
Hitman: Sniper

2. Agent 47’s Missions Will Take Place All Over the Globe and Be Split Up Into Monthly Episodes

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During the initial launch phase of the game, Hitman will come in two forms of digital packages – the Intro Pack and the Full Experience. For those players who wish to get a nice sample of Agent 47’s Prologue and trek to Paris, the Intro Pack is their best bet. The next locations will be released throughout 2016 in the form of downloadable episodes – Sapienza, Italy in April, Marrakesh, Morocco in May then Thailand, USA and Japan later in 2016. IO Interactive will throw in some extra bonuses in between these additional locations to keep its player base satisfied.

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The Full Experience acts as the complete 1st season of Hitman. This package deal will give players everything included in the Intro Pack, plus they’ll be granted each downloadable episode as soon as its available. If you choose to purchase the Intro Pack and have an interest in getting the rest of Hitman’s 2016 content slate, the Upgrade Pack is a viable option. If you’re truly patient, it’s best for you to wait for the full physical disc release at the end of the year.

Buy the Full Experience version of Hitman here.

Buy the Intro Pack for Hitman here.

Buy the Upgrade Pack for Hitman here.

3. New Modes Dubbed Elusive Targets and Escalation Mode are Being Introduced

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Agent 47’s most high priority targets are being labeled as “Elusive Targets.” Before you’re sent off to eliminate these special individuals, you’ll be given a briefing video on him/her, their backstory and exact reasoning for why this target is in the location they’re in. Take note of all this information since it plays a huge part in actually locating an Elusive Target. You won’t be able to rely on Instinct Mode and your map to find Elusive Targets, which makes finding these characters a difficult task.

Elusive Targets will only be around for a set amount of time and you’ll only get one opportunity to take them down. If you fail in trying to kill an Elusive Target, you won’t get another chance to assassinate them. The automatic game save option is also disabled during these missions, so it pays to be extra careful during these encounters. If you successfully complete an Elusive Target mission, you’ll unlock special outfits for Agent 47 that are lifted from previous Hitman games.

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Escalation Mode throws random elements in during a mission in order to increase the challenge factor. For example, you’ll be asked to kill a target with a specific weapon. Or you’d truly have to overcome an extreme goal by not only killing your target with a specific weapon, but also having to don a certain outfit when you do it. Other stage elements, such as security cameras and laser-trip wires, will also play a part during these randomized missions. Your online leaderboard placing will be affected by your progress within this ever changing mode. Different Escalation Mode contracts are split up into five stages and you can replay them anytime. However, there’s a catch: the save game option will be disabled. Keep in mind that everything connected to the full experience of this game means always being online.

4. Also Being Added to the Game are Contracts Mode and Live Challenges; Exclusive Missions Will Be a Part of the PS4 Version

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Also on the list of playable modes included in the game are Contracts Mode and Live Challenges. Contracts Mode owes it’s origin to Hitman: Absolution. This mode lets your creativity run wild as you craft your own missions and compete for the best score amongst your online friends. The best custom created Contracts will be selected by IO Interactive and featured on an online playlist called Featured Contracts. The Live Challenges aspect of the game will focus on tasks inspired by the active Hitman community. Over time, new challenges will pop up periodically across every released location. These Live Challenges are expected to be improved gradually with new mechanics as the 1st season receives new content.

Hitman 2016

PS4 players will be pleased to know that they’ll be getting an exclusive set of DLC missions. Known as “The Sarajevo Six,” Agent 47 will travel throughout each of the game’s confirmed locations on his quest to take out six former members of a unit called the CICADA. The first assassination contract mission will instantly be playable upon Hitman’s launch. The rest of the other contracts will release throughout the rest of 2016 as new locations are added.

5. A Collector’s Edition Provides Players With Access to the Launch Content and New Locations as They Release

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The fanbase behind Hitman helped Square Enix and IO Interactive construct a special Collector’s Edition for the game’s March 11, 2016 launch. The goodies that are a part of this awesome bundle includes:

– a special Collector’s Edition premium box
– a download token for the full 1st season of the Hitman
– a 10″ physical statue of Agent 47 dubbed “Chessmaster”
– a physical tie and clip set based on the gear Agent 47 is known to wear
– a 60-page hardcover art book

The pre-order bonus item set that comes with this Collector’s Edition is known as the “Requiem Blood Money Pack.” Your silent assassin will start the game out with an exclusive set of items, such as the Requiem Legacy Suit, the Blood Money Shirt, a tie, pair of gloves, the sleek Silenced ICA-19 Chrome White Pistol and the Rubber Duck Explosive.

Buy the Collector’s Edition of Hitman here.

Pre-order the physical edition of Hitman here.

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