‘Dawn of Gods’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dawn of Gods.

1. Strategize Around Your Gods

Dawn of Gods

• As you would rightfully expect, the most powerful units by far in Dawn of Gods are the Gods themselves. To get the most out of your army, plan your battle strategy around your chosen Gods’ strengths. If you’re attacking with melee-range tank or warrior Gods, supporting them with healers and long-range units like Archers and Wizards is a great combo. If you’re running with the more fragile mage or archer Gods, consider heavy bruiser units like Einherjars to soak up damage on the front lines while your Gods lay siege to enemy buildings.

2. Focus on Evolving Gods ASAP

Dawn of Gods

• The primary way of obtaining those powerful 6 and 7-star Gods is through evolution. To evolve, you must level two Gods of the same rarity to max level and fully upgrade their abilities by sacrificing other Gods. Then you can fuse the two together to create one new God of the next highest rarity (i.e. 5-star Gods will evolve to 6-star). There is a world of difference in power level between rarities, so starting on evolving your Gods early goes a long way towards improving your effectiveness in battle.

3. Collect All Your Login Bonuses

Dawn of Gods

• There are lots of useful items and resources to claim just for logging in daily. Even if you don’t have the time for an extended play session, simply taking a few seconds for the sign-in bonus every day yields a free 5-star God each month! It’s also beneficial to claim the offering bonus from the cities you’ve taken in Conquest mode – you can grab free resources three times a day just by logging in during the offering periods. Dawn of Gods is actually quite generous with giving out free comets (the game’s primary currency) just for normal daily activity.

4. Station Gods With Passive Abilities on Defense

Dawn of Gods

• Each God has their own unique ability, and they fall into one of two types: active and passive. Active abilities are very powerful and can only be used once per battle by tapping the God’s icon. Passive abilities are less strong, but are used automatically and repeatedly every 10-15 seconds. It’s good to have a mix of both when attacking, but when selecting Gods to defend your base (you can create a different lineup for defense once you progress far enough into the game), try to stick with passives. Because base defense only occurs when you’re logged out, you won’t be there to trigger any of those tide-turning active abilities.

5. Take Advantage of God Partnership Bonuses

Dawn of Gods

• Every God has partnership bonuses with certain others, generally based on their actual relationships from their mythological origins. Zeus, for instance, gets bonuses from several members of his family like Athena, Hera, and Poseidon. These bonuses give significant boosts to stats like HP and damage. To activate a bonus, all you need is to own the relevant partner God(s) at maximum level (they don’t even need to be deployed together in battle). Once unlocked, the stat boost is permanent and kept even if you get rid of the partner Gods, so go for those bonuses whenever you see them for long-term benefits.