‘Homefront: The Revolution’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Official Homefront: The Revolution 'Thank You' Trailer [US]Citizens in the United States live under foreign occupation. A force that is stronger and more technologically advanced now watches over the People. But in the city of Philadelphia, a Resistance is preparing to start a Revolution. A new day has dawned, and a brighter future beckons. Homefront: The Revolution is coming to Xbox One,…2015-08-04T15:26:15.000Z

The Homefront saga has been rife with turmoil.

THQ initially gave life to this IP back in 2011. After the publishing studio shuttered its doors, the sequel was passed on down from THQ’s Montreal studio to Cryek UK to Dambuster Studios. With the publishing arm of Deep Silver now involved, Homefront: The Revolution is finally nearing its release. You may have pushed the GKR (Greater Korean Republic) out of the western parts of the US from before. But now you have to fight to drive them out of the eastern portion. As a member of a Resistance Cell, you’ll need to recruit more willing fighters and take back Philadelphia.

Before you arm yourself and break down the hierarchy of the KPA, learn everything there is to know about Homefront: The Revolution.

1. This Sequel’s Events Occur Four Years After the Events of the First Game

Homefront: The Revolution Story Trailer (Official) [UK]Meet the leaders of the Philadelphia Resistance as we reveal the first details of Homefront: The Revolution's gripping story. As raw recruit Ethan Brady, you are plunged into a desperate struggle for freedom as the Resistance try to save the one man who can inspire the people to rise up – Benjamin Walker, the 'Voice…2016-05-11T15:00:02.000Z

It’s been four years since the GKR invaded the US and two years since the conclusion of the first Homefront. In 2029, the GKR has been pushed out of several western states. But now they’ve managed to seize control of several eastern states, including their new home territory of Philadelphia. The main single-player campaign follows the resistance’s exploits of their leader Parish and its youngest recruit Ethan “Birdy” Brady. Your mission is simple: take down the KPA (Korean People’s Army) and lead the revolution that will lead to Philadelphia’s newfound freedom.

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2. You’ll be Able to Explore Three Different Districts of Philadelphia

Homefront: The Revolution "This is Philadelphia" Trailer (Official) [US]Take a glimpse into the world of Occupied Philadelphia, 2029, and the brutal police states known as the Yellow Zones. Distinct from the war-ravaged wastelands of the Red Zones, and the highly militarised Green Zones, this densely populated environment offers a unique challenge and gameplay experience to would-be Freedom Fighters. Homefront: The Revolution is coming…2016-01-12T13:00:00.000Z

Since the KPA’s hostile takeover of Philly, it has been separated into three districts: the Green, Yellow and Red Zone. The Green Zone is primarily controlled by the KPA. The living conditions here are the best of the three, plus the fortifications put in place there keep it safer than the other two zones. As for the Yellow Zone, this area is the main place of refuge for Philadelphia’s population. The community that resides there are constantly being monitored by the KPA, plus the ghetto conditions and lack of supplies makes this location less favorable than the Green Zone.

Official Homefront: The Revolution 'Red Zone' Gameplay Demo [US]The Resistance wages guerrilla warfare against KPA forces in the Red Zone, the war-torn outskirts of Philadelphia. From weapons to explosives, use all kinds of homebrew tools at your disposal to fight against overwhelming odds. Subscribe for more gameplay! Homefront: The Revolution is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Spring 2016. Join…2015-08-05T08:00:01.000Z

The Red Zone is the one part of Philly that’s been ravaged by the KPA invasion the most. This bombed out locale was once a beautiful suburban area that’s now been relegated to a shell of its former self. However, what makes this place so integral to the struggle is the fact that the resistance movement is at its strongest here. The video posted above will give you an overview of what’s being conducted within the Red Zone.

3. Your Weaponry Can Now Be Customized and Built From the Ground up

Homefront: The Revolution 'Guerrilla Warfare 101' (Official) [US]To become an effective Freedom Fighter and liberate Occupied Philadelphia, you must first learn the art of Guerrilla Warfare! This is the first in a series of videos that takes a deeper look at the unique gameplay experiences of Homefront: The Revolution. Look out for the next episode – 'Hearts and Minds 101' – coming…2016-03-24T15:00:03.000Z

The KPA are heavily armed. The Resistance won’t be able to steal their weaponry since they’re fingerprint-locked. As a member of this growing movement, this means you’ll need to explore the open-world environment and gather items and scavenge parts in order to craft new gear/weapons.

When you do arm yourself, you’ll be able to equip firearm add-on’s (one such example includes adding a fore-grip to your machine gun). It’s even possible to change your trusty pistol into a more powerful sub-machine gun. The Guerilla Toolkit in your possession will help you cook up grenades and even take control of the KPA’s armored vehicles.

4. The 4-Player Co-Op Missions Can be Experienced in Resistance Mode

Homefront: The Revolution "Freedom Fighters" Trailer (Official) [US]Resistance Mode is a brand new four-player online co-operative experience that will launch with Homefront: The Revolution in May 2016 • Form a Resistance Cell with your friends, and wage guerrilla warfare against the military might of the KPA in thrilling narrative-driven scenarios • Unlock new skills, weapon blueprints, rare equipment and combat gear to…2016-01-26T13:00:00.000Z

If you truly want to take down the KPA, you’ll have more fun accomplishing this goal alongside your three co-op allies. This situation forms the basis of a new mode called Resistance Mode. These story-driven missions will challenge you to ambush a KPA convoy and even invade KPA territory in order to secure a key location.

As you complete these missions, your resistance rank will increase (from Resistance rookie to Guerrilla fighter) and you’ll unlock new equipment. At launch, Resistance Mode will feature 12 playable missions. Over time, an additional 20 missions will be added to this mode. There’s no need to worry about having to buy all this DLC since it will come free of charge.

5. Picking up a Copy of the Game Can be Done in Three Different Ways

Homefront the Revolution

Getting involved in the conflict connected to Homefront: The Revolution can be done in three different ways: the Standard Edition, “Freedom Fighter” digital bundle and the massive Goliath Edition. Pre-ordering the game gets you the “Revolutionary Spirit” pack, which comes with the “Red Skull” motorbike skin, a Golden skin for your pistol and immediate unlocks of the Marksman Rifle, Sniper Scope and Remote Explosives for co-op mode.

The Amazon pre-order bonus comes in the form of the “Wing Skull” pack, which awards you with the “Wing Skull” motorbike skin and a Silver Pistol skin. The digital-only “Freedom Fighter” option not only comes with the “Revolutionary Spirit” pack, it also features the game’s Expansion Pass and “Liberty Pack.” That aforementioned bundle comes with two pieces of gear: the Liberty Body Armour and KPA Shock Trooper Helmet.

Homefront the Revolution

The main collector’s edition of the game comes in the form of the extra special “Goliath” Edition. There’s a ton of goodies that comes packaged with this edition, which includes the following:

– a physical, radio controlled “Goliath” Drone
– a 32-page art book
– an exclusive SteelBook case
– access to the “Revolutionary Spirit” DLC pack and Expansion Pass

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