‘Battleplans’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Battleplans.

1. Strategic Losses


Battleplans requires real strategy. To win, you need the majority of the Crystals at the end of the timer. A sacrifice here for a gain there. It’s even possible to win without a single unit remaining.

2. Troop Focus


• Most troops sacrifice defense for some unique offensive ability—like range for Archers, damage for Sentries and speed for Knights. But you’ll find Soldiers and Brutes are big on defense. The speed of the Knights makes them especially good at flanking for battle support or sneaking a quick capture.

3. Advanced Pairings


• Sentries are like glass cannons. Put them in Balthor’s squad and use his Thunderstrike to protect them. The normal strategy is to pair Archers with heroes who use ranged attacks. Alternatively, Dyna’s flask-bombs will protect your fragile Archers from your enemies after she drops. When Baba leads Knights, all of them get to move around the battlefield swiftly and unseen.

4. Stay Agile


• Squads in melee are locked from moving. Keep a squad back to correct a plan’s flaw or capitalize on an opportunity.

5. Terrain Matters


• Mud slows squads, but forests provides armor that lasts a few seconds after leaving the forest. A well-placed melee squad can charge the enemy while still armored.