‘Mighty No. 9’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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It's finally here. We've had to wait for the launch of Mighty No. 9 since 2013. We've been through several delays for the last three years, but we're all about to get our hands on the game sooner rather than later. Mega Man fans haven't had anything resembling the "Blue Bomber's" adventures for a while now. Capcom's not doing right by that fanbase, but hopefully Keiji Inafune and his comcept development team gives them the experience they've been waiting for. Here's a gallery overview of one of the biggest Kickstarter funded games of all time. We have a preview of everything Mighty No. 9 has to offer in our latest games preview guide. Buy Mighty No. 9 here. Buy the Signature Edition of Mighty No. 9 here.