‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’: The Screenshots You Need to See

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The majority of Nintendo's first day at E3 has been devoted to the upcoming Zelda game, which has now been titled Breath of the Wild. As we saw from the trailer and from the gameplay footage streamed online, this is not quite like any Zelda we've seen before, in the best possible way. This time, players are dropped into an open world and asked to explore, with the game taking a much more hands-off approach than prior sequels. The map is evidently quite massive, and players are given the sense that they can go anywhere and do anything. Breath of the Wild also looks absolutely gorgeous, and the music will certainly be stunning as well. In addition to all the footage, Nintendo has released some brand new screenshots from the game that are sure to shoot hype levels everywhere through the roof. Here are all the photos you need to see. (Nintendo)



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Nintendo makes great games but I haven’t had a console since NES, N64 and Wii. I mostly paly on PC and how I wish that would make games for PC (grin) This is how adventure games should look like tom e anyways – more innocent (smile)

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