‘Pokemon Go’ Blanche: Best Fan Art of the Team Mystic Leader

Team Mystic is driven by wisdom and logic rather than emotion and trust. (Niantic)

The face of Team Mystic’s Blanche has been revealed (Niantic)

All three team leaders of Pokemon Go have finally been revealed.

In Pokemon Goplayers who reach level five are asked to pick one of three teams: Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor. The differences between them aren’t all that significant, but nevertheless players derive plenty of enjoyment out of joining together with their fellow team members, getting competitive and trash talking the other side.

For the first few weeks of the game’s release, very little was known about the team leaders. That all changed at Comic-Con 2016, when the faces of all three teams’ leaders were revealed. Here is Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic.

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Based on her in-game description, we know that Blanche values logic and reason above all else, compared to the fiery passion of Team Valor and the faith of Team Instinct. She mentions that she is doing research into why the Pokemon are evolving, although it’s unclear what significance this comment of hers has.

Finally, Blanche tells players that she believes a calm and rational analysis of every situation will yield success, and so those who believe in keeping a level head and being driven by logic are often inclined to pick Team Mystic. Others just select it because they like the color blue or because they like Articuno, the team’s bird.

Regardless, Team Mystic fans went crazy over the reveal of their leader, Blanche, and hundreds of amazing pieces of fan art have emerged online in the days since her face was unveiled. Via Tumblr and Twitter, here are some of the very best pieces of Pokemon Go Blanche fan art.