‘Pokemon Go’ Ditto: Where Can It Be Found?

Pokemon Ditto, Pokemon Go Ditto, Pokemon anime ditto

Pokemon Go players are scrambling to find Ditto’s location in the game. (Pokemon Wiki)

Pokemon Go players are going to extreme lengths to unlock the secret behind Ditto, one of the game’s rarest Pokemon.

At Comic-Con over the weekend, Pokemon Go‘s developer revealed that there are Easter Eggs in the game that nobody has discovered yet. After it was found that Eevee’s evolution could be controlled by renaming the species, many Pokemon Go enthusiasts are now on the hunt trying to figure out where Ditto might be hidden.

As of July 27th, no one has found Ditto yet, but the search continues, and Reddit users have explored some crazy theories over the past few days.

One of the coolest ideas was that Ditto could be captured by taking pictures of Bulbasaur – not screenshots, mind you, but actual photos using your phone’s camera. The origin of this theory was that in Pokemon Snap, a game that revolves around taking pictures of Pokemon, Ditto is disguised as a Bulbasaur. However, taking pictures of Bulbasaur in Pokemon Go turned out to have no effect.

Players also tried renaming all of their Pokemon “Ditto,” as there has been a precedent for Easter Eggs related to naming your Pokemon. This also turned out to not do anything, although there are several Pokemon nobody has captured yet like Mewtwo, and so it’s possible Ditto is connected to one of these and is therefore not currently obtainable.

Another theory that was tried was evolving a Pokemon with the exact same stats as Ditto, with the Pokemon also being named “Ditto.” Because Ditto takes the form of other species, this would have made sense, but testing this out did not yield any results. Players had obtained Ditto’s stats from the game’s source code, and so we do know that he is in the game somewhere. The legendary birds are also in the game’s source code, but their information suggests that they can not be captured while Ditto supposedly can be captured.

Speaking of the source code, one Reddit user pointed out that the code suggests that Ditto can’t attack in battle, and so players should look out for Pokemon that aren’t attacking, as they could be Ditto in disguise.

Finally, some are pointing to a comment Niantic CEO John Hanke made at Comic-Con. As he wrapped up the panel, he told players to “always spin.” This could just refer to the fact that spinning your Poke Ball causes it to curve and rewards you bonus points, but could the Easter Egg have something to do with spinning the ball under some specific circumstances? This idea is currently being tested.

Those are some of the leads players have at the moment, and on Reddit and various other Pokemon Go fan communities, the Easter Egg hunt continues.

Ditto is not the only Pokemon nobody has been able to find yet. Some the others include Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, the legendary birds. It is believed that they are not currently in the game but they might be added at some sort of special event; it was rumored this might happen at Comic-Con, but that did not end up being the case.

Then there’s Mewtwo, a species around which many rumors have circulated over the past few weeks. Recently over a thousand players in Japan fell for a Twitter hoax claiming that Mewtwo could be found in a local park that had a fountain resembling a Poke Ball, but unfortunately for them, Mewtwo was nowhere to be found. It remains as elusive as ever.

Outside of the legendary Pokemon, there are also extremely rare ones like Dratini and Lapras that can be captured but are very rarely encountered by most gamers. Check out our list of these rare Pokemon below: