‘Pokemon Go’ Glitches: Streets & Roads Disappearing From Map

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Another day, another weird Pokemon Go glitch. The free-to-play mobile game has been overloaded with bugs since its release, and over the past week, players have been struggling with a strange one: their map appears noticeably different than it was before, with many streets and roads having completely disappeared.

As observed by several Reddit users, in recent days the map has become far less detailed than it used to be.

What’s going on here? Is it a glitch in the game? Did Niantic intentionally remove some details in order to ease stress on the servers?

Here’s what seems to be happening: Google Maps recently updated its interface so that walkways are no longer registered as part of the navigation mode data. Others have speculated that this has something to do with the Pokemon Go app using driving mode data instead of walking mode data, with Google Maps recently removing certain walkways and streets from walking mode. Either way, Niantic’s Pokemon Go map is based directly on Google Maps’ data, and so Google’s update has had an adverse effect on Pokemon Go, causing many walkways to disappear from the map.

In general, a lot of detail is also gone from the game’s map, too.

It doesn’t appear to even just be walkways that are gone, as some users have reported that roads have vanished from their Pokemon Go map as well. One player complained that they live in an area in which all the roads are registered as walkways, and every single one of these roads has now disappeared from the game.

So when should we expect a fix for this? In theory, it should be easy for Niantic to alter the way that Pokemon Go reads the data from Google, and already some have reported that the bug has gone away for them. For others, the issue persists, but the fact that it has been fixed for some players should at least be reassuring, and we should probably expect the bug to go away for everyone within the next few days.

That same thing can’t be said, though, for many of the game’s other issues. The three step bug still remains after first popping up two full weeks ago. This is a bug that causes every Pokemon on the nearby tracker to appear three footsteps away, regardless of how far away it actually is. The result is that it has been very difficult to capture Pokemon because tracking them is not really possible. Many have complained online that they are quitting the game because of this, and shortly after the bug emerged, the game’s number of daily active players began to gradually decline.

At Comic-Con, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that the company was aware of this three footstep bug, but he did not provide any more information about when players should expect a fix.

The most recent update for the game occurred last week, but none of the major bugs were addressed; instead, only minor text fixes were implemented.


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