‘Pokemon Go’ Level 40: Player Reaches Max Level

The final level of Pokemon Go has apparently been reached.

An image has begun circulating on Reddit of a player getting to the 40th level in the free-to-play mobile game. If the image is legitimate, this would be the first Pokemon Go player to reach Level 40, which is believed to the current level cap.

The Reddit user said that it took 20 million XP to reach Level 40. That means you’ll need five million XP in order to level up from Level 39 to Level 40, a pretty extraordinary amount that will take some time to acquire.

According to the image, the rewards received upon reaching Level 40 are 40 hyper balls, 40 max potions, 40 max revives, 40 razz berries, four incense items, four lucky eggs, four incubators and four lure modules.

It should be noted, though, that this person arguably doesn’t count as the first to reach Level 40, as they did not do so by legitimate means. The user said on Reddit that they used a bot to play the game. They say they did so just out of curiosity, wanting to see if they could reach the end of the game, but that they did not compete in gyms because they did not want to ruin the fun for those playing without cheats.

It seems that Level 40 currently signals the end of the game, although it’s speculated that the game’s developer, Niantic, will eventually increase the level cap. It’s unlikely they’ll need to do that anytime soon, though. It will probably be a while longer before players begin reaching this level cap through legitimate play; it takes 20 million XP to hit Level 40, and for comparison, vising a Poke Stop yields players 50 XP.

This news also answers the question of the Master Ball, which some fans had speculated would be given out at Level 40. That doesn’t appear to be the case, but the item does show up in the game’s code, so it will probably be added at a later date.

For more information about the various levels in the game, check out our rundown of each level and how much XP is required for leveling up.