‘Pokémon Go’ Server Status: Are the Servers Down Right Now?

Having trouble connecting to the Pokemon Go server? It's not just you. (Niantic)

Having trouble connecting to the Pokemon Go server? It’s not just you. (Niantic)

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Pokémon Go servers, you are far from the only one. The game has become a complete and utter phenomenon, and it doesn’t seem like the game’s developer, Niantic, was prepared for quite this level of traffic all at once. As a result, the servers have constantly been crashing, especially during peak play times. But at the moment, there is no official way to verify whether the servers have gone down or if something is wrong with your own Internet connection or smartphone.

Luckily, as they often do, fans have stepped up to the plate and developed their own solutions. Here’s how you can check whether the Pokémon Go servers are working.

The first place to go is a website called Pokemon Go Server Status. This website functions by having players all around the world report whether the game is working for them. Every time you log on, you’ll be presented with a simple ONLINE, UNSTABLE or OFFLINE. Of course, the server’s stability varies depending on what area of the country you’re in, but this service will give you an idea of how widespread the current issues are, whether it’s something only your town is going through or if the server is down for basically everyone.

The Pokemon Go outage map identifies areas where many players are experiencing server issues. (Down Detector)

There’s also the Pokémon Go Outage Map from Down Detector, a giant map on which areas are highlighted where many users are experiencing issues with the server. This also appears to be based on reports from users, and if you want to get into further detail, you can visit the website’s reports page. Here, you can access a timeline and see exactly how many people have said the servers are down for them in the past hour. If there’s a widespread issue, you’ll immediately notice a large spike, while a smaller increase will indicate average server issues and very few reports at all may mean it’s just you.

Usually it won’t just be you, though, which is the main thing to keep in mind as you get increasingly frustrated by your inability to connect. The game just came out, and everyone in the world is playing it, so you’ll have to just be patient while Niantic works out the bugs and gets rid of these issues. But unless you see a massive outage on the websites above, you’ll often be able to get on after a few tries or after coming back in a few minutes.

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