‘Pokémon Go’: Where to Get More Pokeballs, Coins, Eggs, Incense & More

Players can trade in coins for items in the Pokemon Go shop. (Niantic)

Players can trade in coins for items in the Pokemon Go shop. (Niantic)

New Pokémon Go players may find their gameplay grinding to a halt early on when they begin running dangerously low on items. The game gives you a certain amount of Poke Balls, eggs, coins and incense as progress is made, but once you run out, it’s up to you to keep your inventory stocked. Where do you go to do this?

The main place you’ll want to head is one of the game’s many Poke Stops, the real-life locations in your area which will give you items upon visiting. They will typically be parks, shopping malls, churches, and basically any sort of tourist attraction. Check out a map of Poke Stops here.

Once you’ve located a Poke Stop, simply spin the icon on your phone and several items will spit out, hopefully including whatever you were looking for.

For some players in small towns, though, there may not be quite as many stops as you’d like. Until Niantic adds some more, there are a few options to get items without visiting Poke Stops.

If it’s Poke Balls you’re looking for, keep in mind that you will get some more when your character levels up, typically 10 or 15 of them per level.

You can also head over to the game’s shop, where you can get additional items in exchange for coins. These coins can be acquired through gameplay, namely by conquering a gym. Place one of your Pokémon outside a gym that has been conquered for your Pokemon Go team (Instinct, Mystic or Valor). Then, you can head to the shop once a day, click the shield icon, and receive 10 coins as a reward for keeping that gym defended. That bonus starts immediately, so be sure to head to the shop right after you conquer a gym. The more gyms you conquer and defend, the more coins you will receive daily.

Otherwise, you can get coins with actual money, with 100 of them costing $0.99.

Eggs, on the other hand, can only be acquired via Poke Stops and can not be purchased from the shop at all. (You can, however, buy Lucky Eggs, a special item that doubles your XP over the course of 30 minutes.)

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