‘No Man’s Sky’: What is the Atlas Pass and How to Get One

No Man's Sky

(Hello Games)

When exploring in No Man’s Sky you will come across a fair amount of dilapidated bases that seem completely abandoned. Most of the time these locations will contain chests and containers holding valuable loot, but it’s locked away from the player unless you have an Atlas Pass. Obtaining this item in No Man’s Sky not exactly easy, as it will require you to leave the planet you spawn on and warp somewhere else. However, once you have the recipe to craft this item, those mechanical doors and chests will buckle to your explorer’s will.

In order to get the Atlas Pass you will need to leave the surface of the planet you’re stranded on, so make sure to gather the various resources needed to repairing your ship. Once you leave, there will be a few small missions that you’ll need to complete before a message will appear on your HUD. It should read “Anomaly Detected” and a waypoint will appear that should lead you towards the nearby Atlas Station.

Once you reach the waypoint, land and talk with the alien waiting for you so you can obtain some Warp Cells and an Atlas Stone. Once you leave, make sure you do another lightspeed jump so you can trigger the next portion of your quest. As soon as you exit your jump a special message detecting a Space Anomaly will appear. This is leading you to an Atlas Space Station where you can gain the recipe for an Atlas Pass. Fly to this space station, land, and head inside until you meet with an alien that will reward you with an Atlas Pass Recipe v1. This is the first recipe and as you grow closer and closer to the center of the universe, higher levels of Atlas Passes will unlock.

Now you should be able to unlock various chest, doors, and containers that are scattered around the different solar systems. Make sure to always check out various space stations you pass by because they could reward you with new and better recipes than the ones you currently own. After all, who doesn’t like to plunder lost treasures on beautifully detailed planets?