PokeAdvisor Alternatives: Which ‘Pokemon GO’ IV & Stat Calculators Still Work?

pokeadvisor alternatives

Are there any alternatives to PokeAdvisor that still work? (Nintendo)

It looks like Niantic has disabled yet another favorite Pokemon GO tool: PokeAdvisor. Now that the stat-tracking website is down and can’t access Niantic’s servers, are there any other stat trackers that you can use? Are any alternatives yet or is Niantic shutting down everything? (For updated information about IV calculators that won’t get you banned, see our latest story here.)

Here’s what you need to know.

Niantic Blocked PokeAdvisor’s Server Access

Niantic blocked PokeAdvisor’s access to its servers, leaving users everywhere in the lurch. When they logged into PokeAdvisor, they got this error message:

PokeAdvisor error

PokeAdvisor error (Reddit/Swagworth)

PokeAdvisor let Pokemon GO trainers track their progress, along with the progress of other players around the world. Players could view their statistics, a full Pokedex, community leaderboards, and the IV of all their Pokemon. But now the site is disabled.

The site’s creator, Reddit user lax20attack, posted about the problem on PokeAdvisor’s official subreddit. He wrote:

Wow, looks like Niantic servers stop responding to mine. Looking in to a fix, but this might be the end guys.”

The site’s creator hasn’t given up yet. He wrote on Reddit that he’s still thinking of possible solutions, and has considered in the past open sourcing the code and letting users emulate it on their own servers. The code itself still works, he clarified. The problems came from the cloud hosting, which was banned from hitting Niantic’s servers.

You Can Try the Following PokeAdvisor Alternatives and Workarounds

Until (and if) PokeAdvisor is fixed, there are some other sites and workarounds that you can try. Here are a few suggestions:

PokeAssistant: Using this tool, you can see what Pokemon have to be replaced. The sites for Pokemon are off by about 5 percent, but there are some that are 20 to 30 percent off. It’s not as accurate as PokeAdvisor, users have said, but it can be a viable alternative.

GoStats: This is an Android app that that still works for checking stats, as of the time of publication. It shows IVs (attack, defense, stamina, and ratio), moves, weaknesses, catch rate, battles won and lost, evolutions, exp for next level, and more. There’s a warning when you log in that says using GoStats with your main account might result in an account ban or a soft ban. You also have to input your Gmail and password to access the account. The app is here.

Pokemon Manager: This tool shows IV percentages and breakdowns. To use the tool, read the Reddit thread about it here. It’s not a mobile app.

GoIV: This Android app is an IV calculator. (Get it here.) According to the creator, it integrates with Pokemon GO without breaking TOS. The app adds an IV button to the screen when you’re looking at a Pokemon. It automatically pulls all your Pokemon’s data to calculate the IV.

PokemonGOProTips: This website is an open source project that walks you through how to track stats locally. This was suggested on Reddit, but it’s not known yet how well it works.

PogoBag: This site works similarly to PokeAdvisor, but some players have reported that this site may be down too.

IV Calculator: This app for Android has great reviews on Reddit. Some players have said it is just as accurate as PokeAdvisor. It also works as an overlay while you’re playing the game. It gives an IV range, not an exact number, but tends to be more accurate than online calculators.

You can also manually check each Pokemon’s IV by entering their stat values into an IV calculator. But this takes a lot longer and has to be done one by one, rather than seeing all the stats automatically. The results also tend to not be as accurate as PokeAdvisor was.

Pokemon Creators Wanted the Stats to Make the Pokemon Seem Like Real Creatures

Wired interviewed Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori in 2014, where they talked about the reasoning behind Pokemon stats. Masuda is a founding member of Pokemon developer Game Freak and worked on music for the Red and Blue games, along with directing Ruby and Sapphire. Ohmori was his successor as the director of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Stats such as effort values and individual values were introduced so that adults would enjoy playing Pokemon as well as children. Wired asked why they kept those stats hidden instead of letting players see them. Ohmori responded: “Each Pokemon does have a value but I don’t consider those data as parameters. I prefer to think of them as real, living creatures. It’s the same way that if you have a pet and someone else has the same breed of dog, it’s a different dog. That way people can play the game and my Pokemon will be different to your Pokemon even if they’re the same type.”

He added:

A comparison would be looking at a datasheet on different dogs and deciding about the data on the different dogs and deciding which one you want based on that data — that would be soulless.”

It’s possible that Niantic’s desire to keep the stats hidden could be tied to the original reason for creating these stats in the first place. Still, trainers are not happy about PokeAdvisor coming to an end. One wrote:

Somehow, Niantic managed to kill the game not once with downing PokeVision, but twice by taking down PokeAdvisor. I honestly don’t think I can continue playing.”

If you have suggestions for PokeAdvisor alternatives that Pokemon GO trainers might want to try, please let us know in the comments below.




Here is the impact personally to put it into perspective, myself being a serious player, 1 no iv’s means there is no drive to even hunt anymore because there is no way i can find out if the stats are good enough, 2 that directly affects evolving certain Pokemon and then taking on gyms which means i travel less to new sights,3 i don’t have as much motivation to play the game, and i will not pay for incubators or any other item because whats the point?,Finally, Niantic. what the hell are you doing?!, if you’re trying to make this a more “organic way of playing” then STOP, you are killing the hardcore fan base and if you don’t have us who the hell will you have?, you are ruining this game and i have been playing the Pokemon legacy since the 90’s, stop killing this game, i wish someone else had developed it.


Bet they will blame this on “server strain” too. Maps I understand (though I definitely don’t think they were cheating as they were available to all), but this was a glorified calculator and excel sheet, so definitely not affecting their servers at all. First they remove tracking so the only way to get anything besides a Pidgey or Rattata is by sitting your butt down at a hundred lures, and now they prevent us from using a calculator to see which freaking Pidgey or Rattata was the best one! It’s a disgrace. This game has so much potential and the third party apps (not the bots or spoofers, but the stuff available to everyone) were helping it achieve that. Of course Niantic as usual focuses on removing the fun and shunning the help to make the game both a bore and a whale hunter. #ScrewNiantix


Pokevision was totally cheating… You could look up any rare pokemon in your area and see how long it would be there… I agree with the shutdown of pokevision but what was the point of blocking me looking at the IVs of pokemon I’ve already caught to make it easier to decide which to turn into candy?


I have a different perspective on Pokevision. Instead of cheating, I think of it as a guide, because I still need to walk my butt over there to catch it. It’s not like the pokemons will magically appear in front of me.


Problem is, you have adults in cars trampling over kids trying to have fun.


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