‘Pokemon GO’ Future Updates: Top Suggestions for Niantic by Fans

Niantic has been working on debugging Pokemon Go, but fans are hungry for new features. In most recent updates, Niantic has been working on creating a viable system for locating nearby Pokemon to catch. On August 9, Niantic implemented a new nearby feature where the nearby tracker displays nearby Pokemon in front of an image of a specific Pokestop. It seems any Pokestops within 500 meters can appear. Tap one of the Pokemon and you’ll get a more detailed view of the stop in question so you know where to go. This feature was different than the "sightings" feature, which displayed Pokemon in front of grass. Niantic has addressed its intent of what it plans to do with Pokemon Go, writing, “We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay." Read on to see some cool suggestions players have for Pokemon Go along with images created to show how it may look. Or, to submit your own idea to Niantic, click here.

Above is an image showing a male Electabuzz fighting a paralyzed, female Blastoise. It was submitted on Reddit by user edsantos98. Paralysis is one of the 6 main status conditions that can affect a Pokemon, including: Burn, Freeze, Poison, Badly Poison (Toxic), and Sleep. Currently there are no status conditions in Pokemon Go. The image also shows a "traditional" Pokemon option screen, including Fight, Pokemon, Forfeit, and Bag for use of items. Fans liked some of the ideas suggested by edsantos98, particularly the status conditions, but Redditor eggsh**ter feared that gym battles would take forever with so many screen options, particularly the easy use of items during battle.