‘Pokemon GO’ Ninja ‘Pokemon’ Glitch Fix [PICS]

Pokemon trainers playing Pokemon GO have noticed a glitch that blacks out Pokemon in-game, making them appear to look like ninjas. What's the quick fix solution? The glitch was first noticed on Reddit, when user EustaceBaggeee shared the above screenshot of "ninja Psyduck." Other users were quick to share screenshots of their own experiences with the glitch, including a "ninja Lapras," a "Batman Golbat," and a completely blacked out Staryu. According to Redditor Ferhall, "it's a glitch in unity that isn't loading the body material associated with the model. They have separate materials for body and eyes so they can animate the eyes." The glitch can happen to both already captured Pokemon and wild Pokemon. Click on to see more pictures and the cure for both circumstances.

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