How to Still Download ‘Pokemon Uranium’

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(Pokemon Uranium)

The creators of the fan game Pokemon Uranium were forced to take down the “official” download last weekend to avoid legal action by Nintendo. The game, which features a brand new region called “Tandor,” brand new Pokemon, and a new type called “Nuclear” garnered nearly 1.5 million downloads after 9 years in the making.

But despite the threat of legal action, creative director Voluntary Twitch isn’t upset. She released a statement, saying:

Our game project, the one we devoted so many hours of our lives into and the thing that was for both of us the single greatest creation in our young lives, had been download more than 1.5 MILLION times. That’s an incomprehensibly huge number of people playing our game. We are seeing the joy that players get when they enter the Tandor Region, this world that we created. They are sharing the game with their friends, and documenting their playthroughs on YouTube and on every social media site. They are rejoicing in finding shiny Pokemon, breeding to get that perfect 6IV competitive set, and are helping each other to formulate strategies and discover secrets we hid deep within the game.

So how can it be downloaded now? The game is alive and well on torrents, with future patches to be released via the same channels. A search on any well-known torrent, such as Pirate Bay, comes up with multiple downloads for Pokemon Uranium, as seen below.

pokemon uranium download, how to download pokemon uranium, pokemon uranium rom, pokemon uranium torrent

(Pirate Bay)

Pokemon Uranium is currently only available for PCs. We cannot guarantee that any file downloaded is actually the game.

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Angel Montalvo

Have they released Pokémon Uranium on android? I see they said it was released for PC, Mac, Android, and ios. But I can’t find it for android. Only pc downloads. Plz help!!!!


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