‘Shadowverse’: The Essential Tips & Cheats Strategy Guide (Part 1)

Quite simply, Shadowverse is one of the best newer mobile card battlers out right now.

It’s incredibly deep and filled with enough content to keep you busy for a good while. All of the mechanics presented in this game are a bit daunting to grasp. But as always, we’re here to make your gaming experience easier. This series of tips introduces will show you cool alternative starter decks for beginners. Even without drawing new card packs, you can already craft competitive decks in Shadowverse by using strategic combinations of Bronze and Silver cards.

Give it a try, see what you learn and apply your custom built decks to active battles. This strategy guide takes a look at the following card classes: Bloodcraft, Dragoncraft, Forestcraft and Havencraft.

1. Bloodcraft


Sample Bloodcraft Deck


– This suicidal aggro deck deals damage to your enemy whilst also hurting you. Experience the thrill of destroying your enemy just when they think they have you on the ropes.


– Bloodcraft has powerful spells and followers that deal bonus damage to enemy leaders. In the early to mid-battle deal damage with your followers, and then in the latter half finish them off with unavoidable spells.


– Bloodcraft is characterized by Vengeance, a state entered when your leader’s defense is 10 or less. This very risky position can also bring tremendous rewards by enabling boosts and abilities for your cards, so deal damage to yourself to take advantage of them.

Take Note


– The most important thing in Bloodcraft is managing your defense. Before battle, take the time to learn about the kinds of cards that enemy leaders can use, and during battle keep an eye on their play points to make sure you know how much damage they can deal in one turn to prevent your untimely demise.

Now Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Cards You Might Find in Card Packs to Open Up Your Options Some More


Diabolic Drain, just as the name suggests, is a card that drains defense. When Vengeance is active it only costs one play point so it’s very helpful for managing your defense points. Try putting it in the sample deck to replace Demonic Strike.


– This amulet is useful for activating Vengeance quickly whilst preventing you from running out of defense points entirely. Don’t be too worried about losing your defense points at first, because those points will come back to you! Try using this card instead of Blood Pact or Succubus in the sample deck.


– Thanks to the Forest Bats generated by this card also having Ward, this follower has a very high rate of surviving to the next turn. This legendary card can also protect any other followers you have in the play area, making it useful even in an attack deck. You can switch it out with Wardrobe Raider or Alucard in the sample deck. Bloodcraft demands a gutsy style of play. So draw a little of your own blood to destroy your enemies.

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