‘Looty Dungeon’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Looty Dungeon.

1. Know Your Hero

Looty Hero

• Each hero is a little different in appearance and stats. Many also have unique special abilities that can be activated by tapping and holding on the screen (i.e. Sir Shieldalot’s blocking or the Archer’s arrow attack). Knowing what your current character is capable of, and how best to put their skills to use, is essential for a high score.

2. Spend Gold to Recruit More Heroes

• Every time you save 500 gold, you’ll be able to randomly draw a hero. Don’t forget to do this, as there are always new and interesting characters to unlock. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite.

3. When in Doubt, Use Sir Shieldalot

• Sir Shieldalot is the default starter hero for good reason. He’s got a good amount of health, and can block most damage with his shield when you tap and hold on the screen. He’s not as flashy as some of the other characters, and as he relies on his sword he has no range, but blocking boss attacks and incoming projectiles is super handy.

4. Mind the Hearts

• Similar to their skill varieties, not all heroes have the same amount of health. Some can take several hits, and some can only take one. Use this knowledge to your advantage when navigating the dungeon, as you might be able to take bigger risks with a heartier hero.

5. Keep Moving

Looty Hero

• You don’t want to stay in one spot for long, because the floor is steadily collapsing behind you. The spaces will shake a bit before they fall, so you’ll be able to see it coming, but the longer you dawdle the more likely you’ll fall into the abyss.

6. Take Your Time at First

Looty Dungeon

• The starting area (i.e. everything before you fight the first boss) is usually pretty easy to get through – especially when it comes to the collapsing floor. You’ll still want to avoid staying in one spot for too long, but you can take a fair bit of time to plan your route. It’s a great way to warm up for the faster-paced levels that follow.

7. Timing is Everything

• Every type of trap has some sort of window in which it’s safe to pass. The tips of spikes will poke out just before they fully extend, axe traps always turn 90-degrees clockwise before they swing, and so on. Watch how it all works, find your opening, and tap like mad to run past it.

8. Put Those Deathtraps to Good Use

• The great thing about all the hazards is that they hurt everything – including any monsters in the room. You can use this to your advantage by leading monsters onto spikes, into the path of arrows, or even getting them to fall off the edge when the floor collapses.

9. Kill Everything

Looty Dungeon

• You won’t be able to go through a room’s exit until all of the enemies in it have been defeated. Keep an eye out for anyone that might be off to the side or tucked away in a corner, and make sure you get that door open in time.

10. Don’t Always Go for the Gold

Looty Dungeon

• There’s usually quite a bit of gold scattered around each room, but you won’t always have the time or the opportunity to grab every last piece. This is fine, because there will always be more in the next room. Sometimes it’s better not to take the risk and just let the gold go.