New Glitch Allows ‘Destiny’ Players to Skip Siege Engine in Raid

With the Wrath of the Machine raid less than a week old, players have already discovered a way to skip an entire boss fight. First discovered by Youtuber Lone Wolf and reported by Gamerant, this bug allows Destiny users to not only ignore the encounter but collect the exotic chest located conveniently at the end. However, the main loot chest for beating the boss will not be available along with the SIVA Cache Key chest, as those spawn upon the bosses defeat.

What this does mean is until Bungie goes in and patches this exploit, players will now be able to drastically improve their time if this chest isn’t that much of a factor. This isn’t the first time clever Destiny players have used glitches in a raid to get ahead but marks the first time it’s been discovered so early upon its release. For those looking to set speed records or “three manning” the raid then this will be the glitch for you.

How it’s done is by rushing towards the right-hand side of the bridge while the Siege Machine is chasing you. You will jump just before the wall and angle yourself between the wall and outer layers of the barricade, which should allow you to pass through it. Once you are glitched out of the wall, pull yourself in left and try to hit an angle so you can jump again an launch yourself up onto the next section. Do this once more and you will have successfully cheated your way through this section of the raid. Hey, it’s not like The Fallen are playing fair anyway right?

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