‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy Distance Calculator: How Many More Kilometers to Get Candy

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Using the new Pokemon Go buddy system, players need to travel a certain number of kilometers to get candy for their Pokemon. Now, a fan has put together a calculator that helps you figure out how much longer you’ll need to walk in order to evolve your buddy.

A Reddit user named m3ll3m posted the calculator on The Silph Road this week. It’s actually a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but it is laid out so that you enter the number of candies you currently have for your Pokemon, and the document will tell you how far you need to walk in order to evolve the species. For instance, if your buddy is Magikarp, and you already have 100 Magikarp candies, this calculator will tell you that you need to walk another 300 kilometers, or 186 miles, to evolve it.

Here is the Pokemon Go buddy system calculator. That document is currently view-only, but to edit it, you just need to make a copy for yourself. You can do that by going to the file menu, selecting “make a copy,” and hitting “OK.”

With the buddy system, some Pokemon are extremely easy to evolve simply by walking around, while others will literally make you to walk the distance from New York City to Boston, Massachusetts. This is basically determined by how rare the Pokemon is. Extremely common ones like Pidgey only require you to walk about seven miles in order to evolve them because Pidgey candy is already quite easy to come by. On the other hand, Dratini candy is quite sparse, and so the bar is significantly higher in this case.

When selecting your buddy, you should generally choose a Pokemon that you don’t encounter in the wild very much. That’s because the other way of getting a Pokemon’s candy is by catching that species in the wild, so if you’re constantly coming upon Pidgeys, you’ll constantly be coming upon Pidgey candy. On the other hand, if you want to evolve your Snorlax, this will probably take a while considering Snorlax does not spawn too often. So making Snorlax your buddy and walking it until it evolves is a better way to go.

But don’t worry, your selection isn’t permanent, and it can be changed at any time. For more information, here’s a guide to how to switch your buddy Pokemon:

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