‘Pokemon Go’: Will Evolving a Buddy Reset Its Distance Progress?

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

The Pokemon Go buddy system update, one of the game’s most significant overhauls since its launch, has just been released. Now, players are beginning to learn much more about how this feature works.

In the new version of Pokemon Go, players can choose one of their Pokemon as a “buddy.” Once you do so, that buddy will walk with you in the game, and you will receive candy for every few kilometers you travel in real life. It’s similar to how you have to walk around to hatch eggs; now, if you need more candy to evolve a Pokemon, you can simply make that Pokemon your buddy and walk with it to get some more.

That distance is tracked in the game itself, and if you visit the screen for your buddy Pokemon, you’ll see a progress bar that will either be measured out of 1km, 3km or 5km. But one question a lot of trainers have had is does evolving a Pokemon reset this progress? Or can you perform an evolution and then continue working towards that kilometer goal?

Unfortunately, the answer appears to be the former. Evolving a Pokemon will indeed reset its distance progress, and so if you had traveled 2.5 kilometers out of 3 with a Pokemon, but you evolve it, that will suddenly return back to zero, and those 2.5 kilometers will have been completely wasted.

For that reason, it’s probably best to finish off a buddy Pokemon’s progress bar if you’re anywhere close to the end goal, even if you have enough candy to evolve it.

The confirmation of this came from a trainer on the Silph Road subreddit, who is lucky enough to have received the new update before the majority of players. This user wrote that they had made a Gloom their buddy, and it was 2 kilometers in to its 3 kilometer goal. But when the Gloom was evolved into a Vileplume, it was reset, this being the result:

The Pokemon Go buddy system update began rolling out to some players on September 10th. Hopefully, it will be made available to most others before the end of the weekend.

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