‘Pokemon Go’ Bug: Why Are Pokemon Invisible?

pokemon pokedex bug

What is causing Pokemon from your Pokedex to disappear when you view them? (Niantic)

Pokemon Go players have been reporting a bug with the game that causes all the Pokemon to be “invisible” when you view their 3D models or sometimes even in gyms or while catching Pokemon in the wild. The source of the problems seem to range from a Grimer bug that’s been around since the game was first released to an Ivysaur bug, along with some Pokedex-related issues. We’re providing a few fixes that might help you get around these Pokedex issues so you can see your Pokemon again.

Here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon Go players, especially those who use Android devices, have been encountering a lot of problems with the Pokedex and the game in general. Lately, the problems seem to be getting worse. A Grimer bug has been around for a while that caused the game to crash for many people if they clicked on him in the Pokedex or even in a gym or the game itself. Now people are reporting similar issues when they click on Ivysaur, Horsea, Charmander, and other Pokemon in the Pokedex. The issue can become so pervasive that players can’t see any Pokemon in the game at all, whether they’re clicking on them in the Pokedex, catching Pokemon in the wild, or battling in gyms. The bug looks like this:

Pokedex bug

This is what the bug looks like. (Reddit/ldRaptor)

If you find that a particular Pokemon is giving you problems in the Pokedex and seems to be triggering the issue, one workaround involves clicking on a different Pokemon a couple spaces away in the Pokedex. (Do not click on the Pokemon right next to the affected ‘mon in the Pokedex.) Then swipe left or right until you eventually get to the Pokemon in question. For some players, this technique is letting them access the Pokemon without crashing their game. It seems to work consistently for the Grimer bug, but it’s not clear yet if it’s 100 percent effective for other similar Pokemon bugs.

If your Pokemon are disappearing everywhere in the game, then you may have to force close the app and log in all over again. In some cases, you’ll have to uninstall the app and then reinstall it before you can see your Pokemon again. If you think your issue is related to Ivysaur, we have more details about that particular bug here. This problem is becoming pretty pervasive, so we’re hoping that Niantic will fix it in the next update.

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