‘Pokemon Go’ Halloween Special Event Announced by Niantic

Niantic has announced a special Halloween event for Pokemon Go. 

As the company revealed in an announcement video today, from October 26th through November 1st, certain spooky Pokemon will appear more frequently throughout the game, including Haunter and Gastly. In addition, candy rewards will be increased; trainers now get double the amount of candy as usual whenever they hatch, catch or transfer a Pokemon.

Plus, buddy Pokemon will earn candy four times as fast as usual.

This is the first major event since Pokemon Go launched back in July, although the company has long been teasing that something like this would be on its way. There are also expected to be special events in the future for the launch of new Pokemon and the release of the legendary birds.

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. A new update for the game is hitting app stores this week.

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1 Comment


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