‘Pokemon Go’: Why Can’t You Dodge Attacks in Gyms?

pokemon go cant dodge


Ever since the last Pokemon Go update, trainers have reported a big problem with animation seeming to run slower. As a result, many trainers are having problems dodging attacks that were easier to dodge in the past. What’s going on?

Here’s what you need to know.

According to Reddit’s The Silph Road, since the last update, one move in gym battles — attack or dodge — is buffered. This means that actions are performed efficiently, with no dead time between the end of one action and the start of the next. Prior to this, you had to wait until a current action had completed before the game could register your next action, whether it was an attack or dodge.

However, this does have an affect on dodging. If you’ve noticed your Pokemon doesn’t dodge when you think it should or it doesn’t dodge an incoming attack at all anymore, this could be why. If you “button mash” by hitting dodges or attacks frequently, a buffered attack could completely prevent your Pokemon from dodging. So if you attacked frequently when you were battling in a gym and only quit attacking when you saw a charge attack was about to hit you, you might now be finding that your dodges aren’t working at all.

Only one action can be buffered at a time, according to Reddit’s The Silph Road, and this can greatly help gym battles depending on what strategy you use. But if you tend to just tap your Pokemon over and over to attack as much as possible during a battle, then you might have a buffered attack that’s preventing you from dodging.

On Reddit, brainsaladisgood pointed out that a buffered action can even carry into the next gym battle in a gym. So if you’re not careful, you might have a buffered action that prevents you from making a move you want right when a new battle begins.

Redditor pevil commented about the change: “My Pokemon would often do things I didn’t want, and dodging was very iffy. I didn’t feel like I was in control like before. Thumbs down on this change.”

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