‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Final Starter Evolution Leak? Picture Shows Separate Day/Night Evolutions [PICS]

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A Spanish image showing "day form" and "night form" for the final evolutions of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio bolsters the theory that, like Rockruff, the final evolution of the starters will depend on if it's in Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. In September, it was revealed that Rockruff's evolution would be game specific, with Lycanroc being a wolf in Sun and a werewolf in Moon. The images show the previously alleged, Chinese evolution leaks as split between both day and night, also, with "Robinroot" and "Sirene" as the Moon evolutions of Rowlet and Dartrix and Popplio and Brionne, respectively. "Beltigre" is stated to be the Sun evolution of Litten and Torracat. Pictures of Robinroot, Sirene, and Beltigre are available later in this gallery. The above image was shared by Redditor HypeNinja0121, who sourced three of the images from @DuoDraco.

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