‘Watch Dogs 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ubisoft and its Montreal-based development studio are ready to build upon the foundation introduced in the Watch Dogs.

With the knowledge they’ve obtained from dealing with gamers’ reactions to that game, Ubisoft Montreal has set out to craft a much improved sequel. Watch Dogs 2 is moving away from the city of Chicago and is now set to get into some mobile hacking action within San Francisco. With this new hub world comes a new main character, new gear, new allies and new co-op/competitive modes to get embroiled within. From everything we’ve seen thus far, it looks like this successor will live up to the potential everyone expects of Ubisoft’s open-world franchise.

If you still don’t know everything there is to know about Watch Dogs 2, don’t worry. Our preview guide will break it all down for you in one place.

1. Your New Playable Technological Genius Goes by the Name of Marcus Holloway

During the events of the very 1st game in the series, players used their hacking skills to take advantage of “ctOS” (a centralized operating system) as master hacker Aiden Pearce. Aiden mainly set out to get revenge on the hitmen hired to eliminate him after a hacking job went awry (which happens to lead to the murder of his niece).

Watch Dogs 2’s plot introduces a brand new hacker named Marcus Holloway, who hails from Oakland, California. After being wrongly accused of a crime by the 2.0 version of ctOS, Marcus sets out to clear his name by working with the hacking group known as “DedSec.” Alongside his new allies, Marcus sets his sights on taking down ctOS 2.0 and the creator behind it, Blume.

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2. All of Your Main Activities Now Take Place in San Francisco; The Online Multiplayer Comes in Two Different Flavors of Play

Watch Dogs 2’s fictionalized version of San Francisco is big…like, real big. And it just so happens to be twice as large as the 1st game’s rendition of Chicago. San Francisco is split up into six different areas that are open for exploration: Downtown, Civic, Coast, Oakland, Marin and Silicon Valley.

When it comes to the online multiplayer aspects of this sequel, it can be activated through co-op or competitive play. The seamless co-op mechanics come into play as you team up with other randomized human hackers. You and your online buddy can travel throughout San Francisco while clearing out all types of tasks. But if you’d rather accomplish everything on your own, you can play the game entirely offline. On the competitive side of things, two modes let you compete with other players: Online Invasions and Bounty Hunter. Check out the trailer posted above to see just how these multiplayer modes play out.

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3. Watch Dogs 2 Improves Upon its Predecessors’ Mechanics and Gives You New Toys to Play With

Like the very 1st Watch Dogs, this sequel is set up within a open-world locale filled with several main/side activities to complete. Of course, you’re able to get around on foot or by hopping into random vehicles nearby. Speaking of vehicles, the devs made sure to improve the driving mechanics and make it a lot easier to handle while out on the road. Marcus is a lot more acrobatic than Aiden, which means his parkour skills are greatly improved over the ones seen in the 1st game.

When it comes to tackling missions (called “Operations”), you have the option of doing it in two different ways: more aggressively or through a more stealthy approach. So you can go in guns blazing and cause plenty of havoc or hang back in the shadows and utilize Marcus’ top-notch hacking abilities to get things done. Marcus can create firearms by using his 3D Printer, plus he can send out his quadcopter and remote-controlled car for enemy scouting/remote hacking. The more operations Marcus completes, the more online followers he’ll attain to help him get closer to accomplishing his main goal.

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4. Pre-Ordering the Game Gets You Access to an Exclusive DLC Mission, Plus PS4 Owners Get Early Access to Exclusive Content

Watch Dogs 2

Now if you happen to get yourself a pre-order of Watch Dogs 2, you’ll get some extra DLC in the form of a playable mission dubbed the “Zodiac Killer Mission.” This exclusive portion of the game sets you up against a mysterious serial killer who’s murders mimic the behavior of the infamous Zodiac Killer from the 1960s.

Upon completing this DLC portion of the game, you’ll be gifted with a brand new outfit to adorn Marcus in. The trailer posted below provides more info behind what the Zodiac Killer Mission is all about. By the way, PS4 owners of the game will get to play Mission Packs 30 days before Xbox One and PC owners. The 2nd trailer we have to showcase below focuses on all the DLC that comes with the game’s Season Pass.

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5. Three Different Editions of the Game are Available

Watch Dogs 2

The Standard Edition of Watch Dogs 2 comes with the aforementioned DLC mission we detailed within the last fact. But there’s also two other editions of the game up for grabs that features a collection of extra content. The Deluxe Edition comes with the base game and two digital Deluxe Packs, which comes packaged with additional character customization gear, weapons, vehicles, drones etc. The final edition of the game (the Gold Edition) features all the specifics we mentioned for the Standard and Deluxe editions. The Gold Edition also comes with the game’s Season Pass and premium customization items.

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