‘DC Legends’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for DC Legends.

1. Research Your Abilities

DC Legends

• Each ability has a time and place for optimal use, so make sure to click and hold on your Super Powers to make sure you’re using them to their most devastating effect. You should also research any character’s gear lineup and see what items you need in order to empower a certain piece of gear.

2. Take Control and Focus on Primary Targets

DC Legends

• Some battles are too difficult for your team to take on without you to lead them; take control of your team to focus on priority targets to swing the battle in your favor. Take down one target at a time if you can by focusing all your attacks on the one that presents the greatest threat.

3. Rank Up Your Characters

DC Legends

• Ranking up a character not only increases the stats of a character, it also unlocks new Super Powers that augment a character’s combat capabilities. Try to focus only on the characters you use of the regular and not every Super Hero and Super-Villain you unlock. If you happen to get The Flash, Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Sinestro on your side, strengthen them as much as possible because they’re great assets to any team.

4. Participate in Harder Battles

DC Legends

• Harder battles are the best source of Hero Fragments; unlock a new chapter of tougher battles after completing each chapter on normal difficulty and come back each day for a fresh chance at some Hero Fragments.

5. Teamwork!

DC Legends

• Customize your team members so that their Super Powers work together to make each other even more devastating. You should always remember the three hero types and which classes they’re strong/weak against: Physical (Red) > Mystical (Blue), Mystical > Energy (Green) and Energy > Physical. You should also build up your team accordingly before you head into PvP battles; just make sure you check out their lineup and and take advantage of all their weaknesses. Great examples of the best character types include Green Arrow (Physical), Black Adam (Mystical) and Mirror Master (Energy).

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